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"The Demon In The Mirror" by Jessaca Willis. An Interview with Jessaca Willis by Jason E. Foss.

                                                                                   JESSACA WILLIS

                                     "Great Authors not only have a story to tell but they share it with the world.  Action means everything.  Many people have great ideas and they forget it the next day or over time.  Great Authors are attached to their idea.   Some Authors can't  sleep because their untold story won't let them.   Most of their creative imaginations won't let them forget it until it's written.  And when they write it down the Readers are amazed by how detailed their writing.  Almost as if it were meant for them to read.  Jessaca Willis is one of those Great Authors.  She lets us know where she got her motivation from."

                                                                                                Jason E. Foss

Jason:                          "What motivated you to write "The Demon In The Mirror"?"


                                      "Most of my stories come from my dreams, and that's where this one started. I had this bizarre dream that was in third person (so me, viewing it as a movie or bystander) where all of these murders kept happening around this little girl and no one knew why. In the dream though, the little girl wasn't a demon, she was just a regular ol' human being, and the person responsible wound up being some witch or something—I can't quite remember anymore. So, that's where The Demon in the Mirror started, but kind of transformed from there. I joined a short story group a few months ago, and each month they give us a new one-word prompt. One month in particular, our prompt was "lightning," and for some reason, it reminded me of that dream. Because I couldn't sleep one night, I started tinkering with a book cover that had two demons on the front (so, a different one that the final version), but it was enough inspiration to get me started writing what I think wound up being a really exciting and mysterious story!"

Jason:                             "Which characteristic of Eureka can you relate to the most and why?"


                                        "Oh man, things are about to get real. I feel like I should start by saying this could be a possible trigger warning to some folks who have experienced loss maybe?"

                                        "So, like Eureka (who's nickname is Euri, in the book), I too can have a temper that sometimes gets me in trouble, which is how this whole story starts. She says some pretty hurtful things to someone she cares about and she's never able to take them back. I've definitely been there. Three or four years ago, one of my best friends and I got into a fight and we stopped talking for over a year. He tried making amends, but I just wouldn't budge. By the time I had finally decided to move past everything, he passed away in a motorcycle accident. Wow, actually, it hadn't even dawned on me until you asked, but yeah, I can relate to Euri's grief and regret in this story a lot!"

                                           "She and I also share the experience of being sort of an outcast around the age of sixteen. Whereas Euri is coping with the loss of her sister, for me it was my parent's separation and moving out of the small town I'd grown up in—oh, and I guess that's another link between us too: moving away. Wow, I really hadn't noticed how similar we were until this question!

Jason:                                  "For your fans and book lovers, briefly describe "The Demon In The Mirror"."


                                             "Gladly! The Demon in the Mirror is a YA Paranormal short story about first-year demon Eureka Belvedere finding herself stuck in the middle of a series of murders that happen at the Academy of the Forsaken—a school for young demons and angels.

Jason:                                   "Are you working on another book and if so what can you tell us about it?"


                                              "I am always working on something else. Right now, my primary project is editing Puppets Dream, which is book 2 of my post-apocalyptic fantasy series called The Awakened. I'm not sure what I can share about it that wouldn't also give away parts of book 1, but one thing that readers can expect is that there are hints of mystery in this book, so pay attention to every detail if you want to crack the "case!""

Jason:                                   "For those that want to read your book what is the easiest way to buy "The Demon In The Mirror"?"


                                               "The Demon in the Mirror is available for purchase on Amazon, or free through Kindle Unlimited. Subscribers of my newsletter can also expect a teaser copy during the first week of September, so if you'd like an early glance at the opening scene, be sure to subscribe!"

Amazon link to Demon in the Mirror:


The Awakened series:


                                                  "Jessaca Willis was motivated by a Dream.  There are many things I love about Jessaca.  Two are my favorite.  The Passion she shows in writing her book.  She lost sleep.  She didn't waste the moment.  She started working on a book cover.  Even though it wasn't the final book cover it inspired her to finish a great Book and now it is published.  My second favorite thing about her is how she can relate to her main character.  She shared with us how her parent's separation and moving away from the small town she grew up in effected her.  Her being open to us about that is very impressive because many people can relate.  That's how main characters become some of our favorites.  This great Author's openness and ability to create a character from her core makes it easy for Readers to feel connected to the main character and want to know what happens to them throughout the book.  All of her books have amazing reviews and this one will be no different.  Click on the Link above and buy "The Demon In The Mirror".

                                                                                              Jason E. Foss
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