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J. Webb Garrett "Neon Calico" An Interview with J. Webb Garrett by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                  J. WEBB GARRETT

                                          "Great Authors have an imagination that far exceeds their Readers expectations.  They'll see the limitations of creativity and surpass it because their vision is beyond any boundaries.  It doesn't matter that a pen and paper is usually black and white when that pen hits that paper and those chapters start adding up all the Reader sees is color.  Action and vibrant life and a story that captures your attention to the very end.  This is not an easy feat for anyone.  They know their character like the back of their hand but when they write them they come out even better than they imagined.  Their love for their genre and their vision takes their story to the next level.  J. Webb Garrett is one of these great Authors.  He let us know what motivated him."

                                                                                                               Jason E. Foss

Jason:                                  "What motivated you to write "Neon Calico"?


                                             "I've had a love of science/speculative fiction for as long as I can remember, and cyberpunk has always been a sub-genre I've felt close to. I developed the character of Calico several years before I began writing NEON Calico, but held on to her for when the time was right."

                                             "When I returned to college to complete Graduate School, I opted for the route of a Creative Thesis, as my focus was in English and Creative Writing. During my second year, I took a class on cyberpunk fiction and through it was inspired to turn my thesis into a full novel. I sought to embrace many of the themes and tropes of the cyberpunk genre while not being fully constrained by them, using them to enhance the story while still telling the story I wanted to tell. I wanted to see a character who embraced human augmentation, rather than seeing yet another tale of "oh no, I have robot parts that make me into Superman. How tragic," I wanted to showcase a character who lived with her augmentations, who accepted them as part of her, yet who still struggled with issues of acceptance and cybernetic maintenance, an element I've not seen often portrayed within the genre."

Jason:                                     "What characteristic of Neon Calico can you relate to the most and why?"


                                                "I most relate to Calico in her questions of what it means to be accepted and her struggle between expectations of her and her own desires and dreams. Being a writer is no easy task, nor is it an easy road to success, but it is what I've always dreamed of being. Calico fights against what is expected of her, living her life her own way. I admire her for this, for her strength of will and character. She is, in many ways, the sort of person I would want to be."

                                                "Not in the sense of being a criminal mercenary, of course, but in sticking to one's beliefs, being true to themselves, and not letting others control what she does with her life."

Jason:                                     "For your fans and book lovers briefly describe the book "Neon Calico"."


                                                "NEON Calico takes place in a future vision of Chicago. Not a distant future, but one which might be possible within the next 100 years or so. This is an age of the auger, the cyborg, as humanity has developed the technology to enhance the human body through mechanical and genetic means."

                                                 "Calico herself is a troubleshooter, a mercenary agent who operates outside of the law, taking jobs from ordinary citizens and megacorporations alike. Having fled the corporate life her father, a Hong Kong businessman, created for her, she hopes to leave her past behind her."

                                                 "Of course, this is a hard thing to do when that past comes looking her for. From her half-brother, she learns about Project: Stray, something her father has in the works which may threaten her freedom, so she agrees to seek it out, her desire being to be free of her family's influence. Unfortunately, nothing is ever so easy, and she finds herself embroiled in a battle for her very identity and free will."

Jason:                                    "Are you working on another book and if so what can you tell us about it?"


                                              "I am working on other books. Currently, I am finishing a second draft of the third book in my urban fantasy series, The Morrighan's Song, which is a modern take on Irish mythology set in a modern, rural America. This book is titled The Mantle of Czernobog and should be available later this year. The other books in the series, which are both available now, are 'The Eye of Balor' and 'Curse of the Black Dog'."

                                              "Once I finish this draft and send it off to readers for review, I intend to start on a fantasy story I've long been in the process of trying to bring to life."

Jason:                                  "For those that want to read your book what is the easiest way to buy "Neon Calico"?"


                                              "You can find NEON Calico, as well as all my works, on Amazon


                                   "J. Webb Garrett was motivated by his love for science/speculative fiction for as long as he can remember.  My favorite thing about this great Author is how he brought Neon Calico to life and created a character that represents the sort of person he wants to be.  His colorful and unique novel has great reviews which call it 'cyberpunk on steroids' or 'great main character, well written, and fun read.'  When Readers all come to the same conclusion and want more from Neon Calico after they read it you know it's worth the read.  J. Webb Garrett took his love for his favorite genre and added his own twist by creating a character unlike any other to give you a new experience.  This great book has the themes of cyberpunk but stands out and has no limitations making this one a page turner.  Click on the link above and buy "Neon Calico"."

                                                                                          Jason E. Foss
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