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Faye Rapoport DesPres "Little White" An Interview with Faye Rapoport DesPres

                                                                           FAYE RAPOPORT DESPRES

                                                 Great Authors are known a lot for their creativity and giving us an adventure for our minds.  They know how to open up our imaginations.  Their writing is so good that they can make us believe in the unbelievable.  When you have the ability to write something that can make someone who is going through hard times smile and forget about any and everything that ever bothered them you have the power to change lives.  When your book can do that for a kid than you can truly make a difference.  Faye Rapoport is one of these great Authors.  She let us know what motivated her."

                                                                                                                        Jason E. Foss

Jason:                                      "What motivated you to write  "Little White"?"


                                                 "Little White is a feral cat who came into our lives some years ago, when I was involved in caring for and rescuing the cats from a feral colony in our former neighborhood. She is a very special cat (I know, they all are!) and her story is one that I knew would touch many hearts. Publishing my first book, a literary memoir-in-essays, was an extraordinary experience, but it was also emotionally challenging. I wanted to write something lighter and for a different audience for a change of pace. My publisher had specialized for much of her career in children's literature, and I floated the idea of telling Little White's story in that genre. She liked the idea. It took some time for us to make it happen, but I was motivated by a desire to raise awareness about stray and feral cats and to help children understand the importance of caring about animals. Little White's story is also a story about hope, survival, and finding a family, and that message transcends species."

Jason:                                       "What was one of your favorite compliments from a parent or their child about "Little White"?"


                                                   "I have received a lot of wonderful photos of children reading Little White, and even one video of a child reading an entire page and giggling at the word "gobbled." All of that has been rewarding. I have heard from parents and grandparents who have said their children loved the book, and one child who kept telling his grandmother, "That's a true story!""

                                                     "I think one of the best compliments I received was in the form of one of the photographs. I had given a copy of the book to a mom whose family had been having a rough time due to domestic issues and financial problems. She sent me a photograph of her smiling young daughter holding up the book and their cat. Seeing that smiling child with the book when I knew she'd had such a tough year made it all worth it."

Jason:                                            "For your fans and book lovers briefly describe your book "Little White"."


                                                        "Little White: The Feral Cat Who Found a Home is a children's picture book directed at ages 3-8. It is a true story about a feral cat who lived in our neighborhood. She was born outside and was very wild. Because of certain circumstances (I won't give it away), it became necessary to bring her inside, even though she'd never lived in a house. The book tells the story of how I got her inside and helped her enjoy a happy, safe life indoors. Little White (whose name is explained in the book) still lives with my husband and me today. The book is charmingly illustrated by Laurel McKinstry Petersen and published by Writers Coffee Bar Press, which is run by the wonderful MaryChris Bradley."

Jason:                                              "Are you working on another book and if so what can you tell us about it?"


                                                          "The second book in the "Stray Cat Stories" series will be published on August 19, 2019, which is National Clear the Shelters Day. The book is titled Tribbs: The Cat Who Was So Handsome! and is based on the true story of another cat who appears in Little White's book. A portion of all of the proceeds from these books goes to animal rescue organizations. I am also always willing to donate a free copy to a non-profit who would like to sell one at a fundraiser, and I am happy to work with non-profit rescues who would like to sell copies of the books to raise money."

                                                            "Soon, I hope to start on more creative nonfiction, as well, and recently I've been writing some poetry."

Jason:                               "For those that want to read your book what is the easiest way to buy "Little White"?"


                                            "Little White: The Feral Cat Who Found a Home is available online at Amazon.  


                                                                                     and Barnes and Noble  


as well as other online stores. As a matter of fact, they are having a bit of a price war on the hardcover at the moment, so the prices are lower than usual this week. The book is available in hardcover, paperback, and e-book formats."

                                                       "I also like to support local, independent bookstores, so anyone who would like to buy one locally can tell their local bookseller that the book is available from Ingram. Bookstores can order copies to sell in their shops."


                                      "Faye Rapoport DesPres was motivated by a desire to raise awareness about stray and feral cats and to help children understand the importance of caring about animals. My favorite thing about Faye is the impact she is having on a lot of people.  Her book is amazing from the cover all the way to the very last page.  I also enjoy the story behind her story.  The fact that she is an environmentalist.  That a portion of all proceeds from her book sales goes to animal rescue.  That her book is a bridge between parents and children everywhere and when they are done reading a memory was made that is worth more than Gold.  It's obvious that cats can't speak but I believe "Little White" knows what happened.  Knows that she was unsafe and unsure and someone made her safe and sure in a safer environment to this very day.  And that person is Faye Rapoport DesPres.  Books like this are turning stray cats to pets on a daily basis.  Click on the link above and buy "Little White".

                                                                                          Jason E. Foss
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