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Pixie Emslie "His Prize Cheetah" An Interview with Pixie Emslie by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                      PIXIE EMSLIE

                                   "Great Authors have the creative touch to take our fantasies and make us feel like we are living it with their words.  Their stories stimulate our minds like magic as our imaginations come alive with each page.  They write with such intensity.  You read their work and you feel that it is so sexy and passionate and you are hoping it continues and the Author doesn't disappoint.  Instead she makes it even more exotic.  There is no thought of boundaries and limitations only vibrant chapters and main characters that grab your attention.  When you are done reading the book you had such a great experience that your first thought is to remember the Author's name and find another one of their books.  Pixie Emslie is one of those great Authors.  She let us know what motivated her."

                                                                                                            Jason E. Foss

Jason:                               "What motivated you to write "His Prize Cheetah"?


                                          "I first wrote a book called ‘Cry of the Rocks’ which is based in the deep platinum mines, where men and women work shifts in the heat and damp underground. It is a thriller based on a terror attack against the mine, which sets off a rockfall trapping dozens of people in the deep."

                                           "Anyway, having got that out, I thought romance might be a well-paying genre to try. So I wrote my first romance, ‘His Precious Diamond’ which was published by a UK company called Pegasus. Well, they did no marketing at all, so I decided to try and ‘go it alone’ with a new romance. That was the start of ‘His Prize Cheetah’, which I published on Kindle – still hoping I might make some money...(ha ha)."

Jason:                               "Which character can you relate to the most and why?"


                                           "I really like Francesca (Cheetah) as she is sassy, bright and knows what she wants in life. She loves the countryside, is kind to her father – and as a beautiful ambassador for Karen Mines’ wonderful jewellery and artwork she is a wow."

Jason:                                "For your fans and book lovers briefly describe "His Prize Cheetah"."


                                           "The second in the Pixie Emslie Exotica Romance series"

                                            "On the steamy beaches of the tropical island of Mauritius it was passion at first sight for billionaire playboy and womaniser of note, Anton van Coller and the deliciously sexy Francesca – better known to her friends as Cheetah. Both anxious to protect their identities, the two decide simply to enjoy their island fling – and to stay away from the pressures of their own high profile lives."

                                            "But back at her famous father’s ranch in Africa, Francesca is absolutely blown over when Anton turns up unexpectedly. He is involved in a fabulous global jewellery and art exhibition, and Cheetah is dragged into it, her exquisite face perfect to model the creations. She also has to face the fact that she was just one more of the many beautiful and famous names he had taken to his bed – but this time the golden playboy is smitten, while she is absolutely determined not to fall for his charms, or into his bed, again."

                                             "Moving from the wilds of Africa to the glamour of London and New York, this is a story to warm the coldest heart – and leave you longing for more."

Jason:                                  "Are you working on another book and if so what can you tell us about it"?


                                              "I am sure that all writers are always working on another book, even if only in their dreams. But yes, I have a story of a teenage rap singer almost complete and ready to go. It is aimed at the Young Adult market, is not religious but is inspirational and shows that young, black people can be a great success if they stick to their ideals. And then I have been working on a ‘big book’, based on two similar South African men – one white, one black – in World War 2."

Jason:                                   "For those that want to read your book what is the easiest way to buy "His Prize Cheetah"?"


                                              "If this has intrigued you, both ‘His Precious diamond’ and ‘His Prize Cheetah’ are available on Amazon Kindle books – priced at around $3.00."





                                       "Pixie Emslie was motivated by changing to the Romance gemre.  She did a great job in making a book that satisfies and delivers.  My favorite thing about Pixie Emslie is her 'never settle for less' attitude.  She had a Romance book that was published before and they didn't market it at all.  A lot of people would have accepted it.  They would have felt horrible of course but they would hope the next book would get better marketing.  Not Pixie.  She took matters into her own hands.  She knew her passion for writing a great book for her fans wasn't enough.  She wanted to make sure and market it herself and also give the same amount of passion in letting the world know about her work.  Because of her going out of her way to give Readers her very best and making sure people know about it she is not only a talented Author but an inspiration.  Click on the link above and but "His Prize Cheetah".

                                                                                         Jason E. Foss
                                                                                        954 743 8670


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