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Rebecca Hefner "The End Of Hatred" An Interview with Rebecca Hefner by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                REBECCA HEFNER

                                           "Great Authors have something inside of them that is waiting to come out.  Sometimes they can't see it or they haven't found a reason to explore these inner talents.  It doesn't matter when they find out or who points out to them this quality of theirs once they discover it they will never be the same.  It's like Michael Jordan when he played for North Carolina and he hit that famous mid-range jumpshot with seconds left to get them the win.  From that moment on people saw value in him and knew there was something special about him.  Great Authors are very similar.  Just like the crowd of fans that pack up a stadium because their favorite player never disappoints at a home game fans and book lovers pay to read their favorite Authors book because they never disappoint.  Their words are like magic the way they connect a bridge of thoughts leaving the Reader entranced to the very end.  If someone interrupts them while they are reading their favorite Authors novel, even if it's a family member, they give that person this undescribable look that guarantees that they will never ever do that again.  Rebecca Hefner is one of these great Authors.  She let us know what motivated her."

                                                                                                                 Jason E. Foss

Jason:                                "What motivated you to write "The End Of Hatred"?"


                                            "I actually started writing The End of Hatred over a decade ago!  I’ve always been an avid romance and paranormal romance reader and I would come home after a long day and read.  However, I’d noticed that there were a handful of really great authors (Nora Roberts, Lisa Kleypas, JR Ward and Julie James to name a few) but when they didn’t have a book out the other authors I found just weren’t that great.  I would complain about it and my ex finally said, “Hey, you’re a great writer.  If you don’t like any books that are out, why don’t you write your own?”  I think he was tired of me complaining!  And I will say that was the absolute best thing that came out of that disastrous relationship!  Miranda and Sathan had already appeared in my imagination so it was actually quite easy to begin writing their story and dialogue."

Jason:                                 "Which character can you relate to the most and why?"


                                            "Oh man, I love all my characters.  They’re my book babies.  But, of course, I love Miranda.  She’s so fierce and kick-ass.  The Slayer traditions and culture are quite sexist and I see so many shades of her fighting the patriarchy, much as I tried to do growing up in the Bible Belt of North Carolina as a young girl.  She’s so fearless and strong but not perfect.  She’s stubborn, sometimes to her own detriment, and has an impulsive streak that blazes out of control on an occasion or two.  I think I want to be her when I grow up!  She’s just freaking fantastic."

Jason:                                 "For your fans and book lovers briefly describe "The End Of Hatred"."


                                             "Okay.  Let me break down how my head works.  As a child of the ‘90’s, I loved Buffy and Angel (who didn’t?).  Vampires and slayers have always fascinated me.  When I discovered JR Ward I was like, holy crap, you can write sexy books with vampires and other made-up creatures??  Yes, please.  But I’m also an old-school romance fan who loves the slow-burn stories of Judith McNaught and Sandra Brown.  So, it was important to me that I combined all those elements.  Easy, huh (she asks, shaking her head dejectedly).  It took me over ten years to get The End of Hatred to where it is today and I’m extremely proud of it.  It is a reimagining of the age-old Slayer/Vampyre saga.  In my world of Etherya’s Earth, the Slayers and Vampyres were created to be dependent upon each other.  Vampyres would drink Slayers’ blood for sustenance and offer them their protection in return.  When the Slayer King slaughters the Vampyre royals, that balance is destroyed, thrusting the species into a thousand-year war.  The End of Hatred picks up after those thousand years, with Slayer Princess Miranda and Vampyre King Sathan wanting peace.  After hating each other for so long, trust is scarce, and their unwanted attraction to each other certainly doesn’t help.  The End of Hatred takes readers on the journey of how they try to finally secure peace."

Jason:                                 "Are you working on another book and if so what can you tell us about it?"


                                            "There are now three books out in the Etherya’s Earth series.  Book 1, The End of Hatred, Book 2, The Elusive Sun and Book 3, The Darkness Within.  Book 4, The Reluctant Savior, is with the editor and will be up for pre-order very soon (please follow me on Amazon and Goodreads so you can track the pre-order and cover reveal!).  I love all of my books so much, as every author does, but I have to tell you that tears were streaming down my face as I wrote the final parts of Book 4.  It really wrung me out.  The heroine of that one is very complex and it took everything I had as a writer to construct a character that people would grow to root for although she might have been quite evil in the past.  We all are human and make terrible mistakes and I hope her character’s evolution and redemption touches something inside of the reader as it did me."

Jason:                                   "For those that want to read your book what is the easiest way to buy "The End Of Hatred"?"


                                               "I’m only on Amazon at the moment, as I’m offering the first two books of the series for free on Kindle Unlimited.  If you don’t have KU, it’s only $4.99.  So for five bucks, you can read about a kick-ass Slayer princess who saves her people.  Oh, and there’s humor!  It has some snicker-worthy moments and tons of pop culture references, I promise!  So, why not take the 5 bucks you’d spend on something you’ll never use and buy a book that will give you action and feels instead?"

                                                   "Here’s the link:


                                                 "Rebecca Hefner was motivated by her ex when some of her favorite Authors had no new books out.  He reminded her of what a great writer she was and gave ger the idea to write her own book.  That was a blessing for all of us.  The energy from this Author is contagious.  The words in her book and when she speaks to her fans and the people around her.  My favorite thing about Rebecca is the way she described her books.  She loves them.  She cried while writing the end of Book 4.  If that isn't writing with Passion I don't know what is.  When you hear an Author speak to you about the characters in their book like they are really alive then when you open their book you better believe your imagination will come alive from the first chapter until the last.  Any book that can take you on a Journey without having to leave your seat is Priceless.  When you finally look up from Reading you feel like you were somewhere else because the story felt so real.  There are some Authors that can do that to your Imagination and Rebecca Hefner is definitely one of them. Click on the link above and buy "The End Of Hatred".

                                                                                        Jason E. Foss
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  1. I finished the first book and am on to the second one...i just have to know what happens next! An easy read and takes you to another world!