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Leeann Imel-Hartford "Rambled thoughts" An Interview with Leeann Imel-Hartford by Jason E. Foss

                                                                         LEEANN IMEL-HARTFORD

                 "Great Authors give us something much more than we can read.  They give us something that we can feel.  They give us something that we can Imagine.  They write in a way that Readers can relate to.  They have the ability to connect with the Reader and give them this sense of hope in realizing that they are not alone.  Leeann Imel-Hartford is one of those great Authors.  She expresses herself so passionately and doesn't hold back giving the Reader everything she's got.  That's all a Reader can ever ask for.  Leeann let us know what motivates her."

                                                                                                     Jason E. Foss

Jason:                      "What motivated you to write the poetry in "Rambled Thoughts"?"


                                  "You are going to laugh, but when I joined Twitter I discovered #HangTenStories. I had dabbled with writing poetry in the past, but it never really took. The stuff I wrote in the past was rather dark. I had been going through a depression filled part of my life and when I was sitting in class, instead of listening to the professor I would write these dark lines of suicide and even my death caused by others. I really didn’t enjoy those lines and it felt forced instead of freeing. I didn’t write very much back then, and I did not keep any of it."

                                    "When I discovered #HangTenStories, the challenge of ten words based on the daily prompt made it fun for me. I enjoyed writing those ten words and looked forward to it every day. I found those ten words to be freeing and liberating, but not in the sense that I needed to be liberated. I always felt I had a voice. But in this case, I was able to go outside of my box and share my thoughts even if it was just ten words. Then as my confidence built, I started writing and posting longer verses and started following other #prompts."

#InkMine is another place where I have found inspiration. I wrote “The Path” with one of their prompts.

#MSpoetry inspired “What Ifs”

                                     "Then I started finding inspiration in my daily life and things just went from there."

Jason:                         "If there was one quote or piece of advice that helped you to get to where you are today what would that quote, or piece of advice be?"


                                     "And as far as writing in general, the greatest advice I ever got was write what you know. You are the expert of your topic whether it is your college thesis or the novel you are working on. No one else knows it better than you. You are the guide, show people the way."

                                     "If you have a vision or a dream, take that first step and start it. A lot of people say that the hardest part of writing a poem or a novel is getting started. Which is true for me as well. The thing that motivates me to keep writing is seeing the words where I least expect them. I see words in photos I have taken, in the clouds, in earth’s elements around me. I see them in my experiences, in the places where I travel, and in the people I meet. It’s just been a beautiful experience that I plan on keeping up with. I have already started thinking of my next poetry project which will consist of my life’s experiences, including the not so glamourous parts."

Jason:                         "For your fans and poetry lovers briefly describe "Rambled Thoughts"."


                                    "It’s a book about eternity and the journey of the soul. It’s about finding your soul mate and the journey it took to get there. It’s about the elements. About life, love, and loss."

Jason:                         "What is one of your favorite lines of poetry that you've written?"


                                    "Spring roses bloom to grace the lovers’ tomb from “Souls Bloom Eternal”. Although it started off quite differently, this line just resonates with me so much as it imparts the shared journey my husband, Brian Dennis Hartford and I’s souls have made traveling the universe throughout the centuries looking for each other."

                                   "Her black Friesian carries her weight but cannot support the loss she feels from “Beautiful Warrior”. This line has strength but vulnerability. The horse symbolizes the outward strength of the character and how, although she is bold and beautiful, she feels that she is not worthy."

                                   "Palms sway to the beat of heaven’s music as the waves keep time from “GoldenEye”. My husband and I were in Jamaica for our anniversary. I am a huge James Bond fan and so we got a day pass to the GoldenEye Resort. When we walked across the bridge from the James Bond Room into the main part of the resort, the view just opened up and these beautiful palm trees were swaying in the breeze and it looked as if they were dancing to the sound of the tropics. I immediately wrote that line in the little journal I keep with me and the poem grew from there."

Jason:                         "Are you working on another book and if so, what can you tell us about it?"


                                    "I have a few projects in the works. I have another poetry book, “She”. It’s about different phases of my life. I have a book series “Service Before Self”, about strong women of various backgrounds who sacrifice everything for their country. And I also have a cookbook, “#SexySunday”, Sunday is my favorite day of the week and the day I do most of my cooking, so it just fits me as a chef. It is more than just a cookbook, #SexySunday is a lifestyle, how you spend the day taking care of yourself and enjoying your family."

Jason:                         "For those that want to read your poetry what is the easiest way they can buy "Rambled Thoughts"?"


                                    "It is available via Amazon print and Kindle."



                "Leeann was motivated when she discovered #HangTenStories.  The challenge of ten words based on the daily prompt made it fun for her.  She enjoyed writing those ten words and looked forward to it every day.  She found those ten words to be freeing and liberating, but not in the sense that she needed to be liberated.  It built her confidence after some of her past moments where she used to write mostly dark lines during class.  What I appreciate about this great Author is her willingness to share with us all of her experiences and not just the good parts.  We all go through a lot and she inspires us that everything we go through is a part of who we are today.  She found her calling and her Readers will appreciate this amazing gift she has in each of her poems and books.  Go to one of the links above and buy "Rambled Thoughts".

                                                                                        Jason E. Foss
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