Tuesday, January 15, 2019

"The Hourglass Elite Author of 2019 Tournament"

                                            "THE HOURGLASS ELITE AUTHOR OF 2019 TOURNAMENT"


                      12 Great Authors already entered "The Hourglass Elite Author of 2019 Tournament" to enjoy Preseason.  This is going to be a fun year for everyone!  In December and this January I had the Honor of Interviewing over 75 Amazing Authors and one thing I learned about each and every one of them was they have a Passion for their craft!  They believe in their books the same way an NBA Player believes in the hard work and dedication it takes everytime they pick up that basketball and try to win the Championship at the end of each year.  Then I said to myself.  Authors accomplish so much let's make their accomplishments matter throughout the year in the same way that NBA wins matter to basketball players.  So just like in sports it's early in the year and here are the Authors that entered so far during Preseason.

Representing the West Coast:    Jennifer Irwin.            "A Dress The Color Of The Sky"
                                                         Tia Day.                         "Lucy's Legacy"

                                                         Martha Perez.             "In The Dark"
                                                         Sherrie Brown.           "Samantha: Time Travel"

                                                         Nicole Sorrell.             "The Art Of Going Home"


Representing the East Coast:     Carolyn Bowen:          "The Long Road Home"

                                                         Amy J. Markstahler   "Life Happens On The Stairs"

                                                         Stacie Sultrie.              "Chasing Cas"

                                                         Debbie Boek.               "Devil's Bait"

Representing the UK:                  A.R. Pearson.              "The Wayfarer's Journey"          

Representing Canada:                N.M. McGregor.          "West End Montana"

                                                        J.C. Paulson.                 "Broken Through"

                         The Authors in "The Hourglass Elite Author of 2019 Tournament" all have the same qualities that star Athletes have.  They have the same Passion for their books that Athletes have for their sport.  They are competing at a high level against some great Authors just like Athletes compete sharing a mutual respect for each other.  The Author is the star player just like the star of a sport.  Their book cover is the equivalent to the basketball jersey.  Just like Michael Jordan played for the Chicago Bulls Tia Day is playing for her book "Lucy's Legacy".  Each Author involved knows the rules of the game and they are getting good at it as we speak.  If you are an amazing Author and you have a Passion for your Book reach out to me and join these great Authors in a Tournament while it's Preseason.  You will get new sales and Purchase confirmations throughout the year and it would count for something 'extra'.  If you are passionate about your book and would like to compete with these amazing Authors and get some extra fun promotion and exposure in the process call me at your convenience.

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