Saturday, October 27, 2018

'RUBIK'S CODE' By Jason E. Foss

      There is a scene in one of my favorite movies starring Will Smith called 'The Pursuit of Happyness' where in order to have a job opportunity he convinces this guy he can get all six colors of the rubik's cube right in one cab ride.  The guy is so intrigued that he does it right before they reach his destination that he looks him  in the eye before leaving the cab and says 'Good job.'

      More then 80% of us are not able to successfully get all 6 colors of the Rubik's Cube correct at one time.  Even if we took the time to try and after years of frustration finally figured it out we would most likely be stressed out of our minds and would go back to doing it the fun way and do 'One Color at a Time'.

      So I came up with a concept I call 'The Rubik's Code' and wanted to share it with you.  You see sometimes we have so much going on in our daily lives that it can become overwhelming.  You have Bill payments hitting you from one direction, family things going on you have to take care of in another direction.  Then you have to take care of something from work you totally forgot about and now your boss is asking for it.

       On your way to work you realize that you forgot to pay a bill and you had no time to even eat breakfast.  Now you are stressed out and overwhelmed and it is only 8am.

       Motivating people is what I do and I tell some of my Clients to stop multi-tasking.  I also tell them they are under attack with their problems and the stuff going on in their life and they need to take back control.

       Treat your life like a RUBIK'S CUBE.  When you try to tackle everything all at once you get stressed out.  You can forget something important.  You can get overwhelmed just like trying to get all 6 colors of the RUBIKS CUBE right all at once.  Instead take a step back and focus on one Color at a time.

       The WHITE color of the RUBIK'S CUBE represents your HEALTH.  Take a moment and make sure you are taking care of yourself.  Are you eating 3 times a day?  Are you sleeping at least 6 hours a day? Do you have peace of mind and if not did you write down what's bothering you? Are you working out at least 5 minutes? Take at least an hour one weekend and figure this out.

       The BLUE side of the RUBIK'S represents family, friendship, or relationships.  Is everyone ok?  Is something not ok?  Resolve any issues that is bothering you in the back of your mind.  It can subconsciously affect your day and you may not even realize it.  You don't deserve to have to deal with that.

       The Orange side of the RUBIK'S CUBE represents WORK.  Are you doing what you LOVE?  If not don't worry most of us are not yet.  Do you have a second Career that has to do with a talent that you have to give yourself more income?  Figure out what you want to do with WORK and make sure you are Happy with it.  If not have fun figuring out what you want to do.

      The Green side of the RUBIK'S represents MONEY.  Are you paying yourself first?  Do you have a savings?   Know that these credit card companies are a BUSINESS and they don't care if you have a dime to your name.  So it's very important that you PAY YOURSELF first and deal with them SECOND.

     The RED side of the RUBIK'S CUBE represents BILLS.  Are you late making payments?  Are you in the RED.  Spend more money then you make?  Don't let your BILLS attack you anymore.  You don't deserve that.  Take an hour one weekend and write down every bill you have.  Look at each and every expense that you have and ATTACK IT!  Don't worry if you are in the RED.  Chip away and CONSOLIDATE.  Remind yourself that you NEED to PAY YOURSELF first before dealing with BILLS.  Even if you have to pay the minimum on some credit card payments for a couple of months.  You OWE that to yourself.

     Finally the YELLOW side of the RUBIK'S CUBE represents LIFE GOALS.  Have fun building a PLAN.  What is the PERFECT LIFE for you?  Vacation?  Your own BUSINESS?  What is your DREAM LIFE?  Then take the time figuring out how to MAKE IT HAPPEN.  It can take a YEAR or it can take 5 YEARS.  Have fun chipping away at it until it's YOURS!

      In life we have to BALANCE so many things that it can become OVERWHELMING at times.  Sort of like dodgeball.  If you are focused on catching ONE DODGEBALL at a time you will stay in the GAME.  However if you have 10 DODGEBALLS being thrown at you at the same time you are most likely going to be watching your own GAME from the SIDELINES.

      So stop MULTITASKING so much and take a STEP BACK!  Write down everything that is going on in your LIFE and treat your LIFE using my 'RUBIK'S CODE'.  Don't try to be PERFECT.  Life is not fun trying to get all the COLORS right at once.  TAKE CONTROL of every COLOR of your life ONE AT A TIME.  Once you do that even if you are already doing well you can find yourself living a HAPPIER HEALTHIER LIFE!

      If this was helpful in any way and you can use a little extra MOTIVATION in your LIFE keep my MOTIVATION NUMBER in your wallet.  954 743 8670.  Text me in a WORD what you need MOTIVATION about.  I will not even ask you your NAME.  I'll give you a FREE boost of MOTIVATION.  Have a great DAY!

                                                Jason E. Foss
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