Saturday, May 4, 2019

"The Haven" by Kimberly Reynolds. An Interview with Kimberly Reynolds by Jason E. Foss

                           Kimberly Reynolds

                "Great Authors have the ability to create amazing stories and they do it in a way that offers their Readers a unique experience.  Whether it is the story that keeps you wanting more or the main characters that interests you so much, you are able to appreciate how their passion for writing is shown throughout their book.  And by the end you realize that these Authors are the very reason why we can all get lost in a great story.  Kimberly Reynolds is one of these great Authors.  She let us know what motivated her."

                                             Jason E. Foss

Jason:          "What motivated you to write The Haven?"


                         "I began reading the dystopia genre by accident. It was never something I was drawn to or interested in reading. I read the book One Second After by William R. Forstchen and became completely hooked. The novel deals with an unexpected electromagnetic pulse attack on the United States as it affects the people living in and around a small town in North Carolina. Former Secretary of State, Newt Gingrich wrote the forward for the book and I sincerely felt fear for the possibility that an EMP strike could really happen. That book led me to voraciously devour the genre."

                          "I read every book I could find about the topic of EMP destruction. Shortly after, I had a very realistic dream that came to me every night for about a month. I became obsessed with the story that played out to me every night. I found that I could hardly wait to go to bed so that I could continue the story. It played out like a movie with very vivid detail, places and characters. I knew I had to put my dream on paper to bring Baron St. John and Alannah Spencer to life. From there I began writing it down in notebooks and sticky notes that I had shoved in seemingly every corner of my life."

                      "The Haven became the name of my journaling very early on. Quickly, I amassed vast quantities of notebooks filled with research and scenes. The Haven is a conglomeration of two years of writing. I hope to offer my readers an exciting escape even if it’s only temporary. When they finish the book, I want them to realize the plausibility of the situation and make the life changes to protect themselves and their families…just in case."

Jason:               "Which character can you relate to the most and why?"


                           "As I began to develop the characters, it became a natural progression to create realistic personas based on my vivid dreams and the realistic world that unfolded to me nightly. Looking back, I see much of myself and experiences in Alannah. Her ability to mold herself to fit any situation. She’s an introvert but could easily win an academy award for morphing her personality to match given circumstances." 

Jason:                "For your fans and book lovers briefly describe The Haven."


                         "The book is a gripping post apocalyptic EMP survival thriller with edge of your seat twists and turns. Baron St. John has an inside track on the inevitable possibility of an attack against the US. He begins his journey, spends years preparing, building a community to save all he can. Just before the nation’s electrical grid is obliterated and the country is plunged into chaos, he meets her, Alannah Spencer. The only woman strong enough to stand with him. In the midst of a crumbling society, exists love."

Jason:              "Are you working on another book and if so what can you tell us about it?"


                         "The Haven is book 1 in The Haven trilogy. Book 2 explores life living without technology or even the basics everyone has grown accustomed to and takes for granted. Factions within the country war against each other for survival and control."

Jason:               "For those that want to read your book when do you believe it will be available for preorder and what is the easiest way to keep in touch with you?" 


                          "Currently, on my website at The Haven can be preordered. The book is scheduled for release this summer. I can be followed on Twitter at @KReynoldsAuthor."   


                         "Kimberly Reynolds was motivated after she read the book 'One Second After' by William R. Forstchen.  What draws me to Kimberly and her creative mind is when she said the idea of an unexpected  electromagnetic pulse attack got her hooked.  She sincerely felt fear for the possibility that an EMP strike could really happen and that book led her to voraciously devour the genre.  Not only do I enjoy hearing her confidence and excitement for writing this book but when someone is hooked on a topic they are going to give you their best work.  The story is unique and the characters are some of the ones strong enough to match the intensity of the situation they must overcome.  To write an exciting book like this and to be able to have love in the midst of chaos is one of many reasons why this is going to be worth the wait.  Click on the link above and Preorder "The Haven"."

         Jason E. Foss
                                                                                              954 743 8670

Friday, April 5, 2019

C.J. Geisel "Lowcountry Incantations" An Interview with C.J. Geisel by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                          C.J. GEISEL

                                            "Great Authors have this talent of taking their ideas and passions and expanding it to create amazing stories that the world can relate to.  They selflessly have the Reader in mind making sure they not only learn from their story but they use their creative writing talents to keep them engaged and entertained the whole time as well.  They write about things they are passionate about so when the Reader is locked in to the story they are enjoying every chapter because the Authors passion is felt throughout the story.  Whether it's their love of the country or their passion to open the Readers eyes to the magic of their words they capture the essence of everything they wanted us to feel.  Whether you want to read to escape the realities of the world or to use the Adventure in the book you are reading to start your own Adventure when the book you're reading is finished there are very talented writers that can do this for you.  C.J. Geisel is one of these great Authors.  She let us know what motivated her."

Jason:                                  "What motivated you to write "Lowcountry Incantations"?"


                                             "A number of things inspired me to write "Lowcountry Incantations."  I am so in love with the low country itself, everywhere from Savannah to Charleston.  Every time I visit, I feel like I'm home.  There is so much rich history in these places and I wanted to make sure to at least pay tribute to the history and the culture.  Secondly, I went through an experience of abuse in my past that really opened my eyes to psychopathy and mental health in general.  I find Psychology fascinating and wanted to make that a main theme in my story.  Last, but certainly not least, I wanted to shine a light on the plight of the pit bull breeds (also nicknamed "bully breeds").  I wanted to show everyone just how beautiful and sweet they are, and also how mistreated and misunderstood they are."

Jason:                                   "What characteristic of Quinn's can you relate to the most and why?"


                                               "Quinn's character is very loosely based on myself.  Although, she may be a bit thinner than I am!"

Jason:                                     "For your fans and book lovers briefly describe "Lowcountry Incantations".


                                                ""Lowcountry Incantations" is a story about many central themes in life- love and trust.  It incorporates elements of crime, magic, and Psychology.  I wanted to make the book relate-able while still bringing in a world of magic and mystery.  In giving the story a first person narrative, it offers the reader a deeper insight into Quinn's thinking and insecurities.  I wanted to make my audience think, "Hey, I know what that feels like!"

Jason:                                     "Are you working on another book and if so what can you tell us about it?"


                                                "I am currently working on the next book in the series, titled "Lowcountry Convictions."  Without giving too much away, most of the characters return to solve another crime, helping out another girl in need."

Jason:                                     "For those that want to read your book what is the easiest way to buy "Lowcountry Incantations"?"


                                                 "The easiest way to purchase my book is through Amazon, linked here:


                                     "It is available in paperback and e-book, and is free to those with Kindle Unlimited."


                                     "C.J. Geisel was motivated by love for the low country itself.  My favorite thing about this great Author is how she wanted to make the book relatable while still bringing in a world of magic and mystery.  So she gave this book a first person narrative.  I love this because it shows how this amazing Author doesn't write for herself.  She really cares about the Readers.  She wants to make sure they are getting their money's worth and she wants them to feel that the book is specially tailored for them.  That care in the storytelling is exactly why people always like to find the Authors next book.  Because it is hard to write something that makes a person feel like the book is exactly what they were looking for but when you are thinking of the Reader while you are writing it the Readers can feel it.  They can sense it as they eagerly turn to the next page and the page after that.  With the care and the passion that this book was made with you are not only going to get lost in this great story but you will also be entertained.  Click on the link above and buy "Lowcountry Incantations"."

                                                                                         Jason E. Foss
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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Pixie Emslie "His Prize Cheetah" An Interview with Pixie Emslie by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                      PIXIE EMSLIE

                                   "Great Authors have the creative touch to take our fantasies and make us feel like we are living it with their words.  Their stories stimulate our minds like magic as our imaginations come alive with each page.  They write with such intensity.  You read their work and you feel that it is so sexy and passionate and you are hoping it continues and the Author doesn't disappoint.  Instead she makes it even more exotic.  There is no thought of boundaries and limitations only vibrant chapters and main characters that grab your attention.  When you are done reading the book you had such a great experience that your first thought is to remember the Author's name and find another one of their books.  Pixie Emslie is one of those great Authors.  She let us know what motivated her."

                                                                                                            Jason E. Foss

Jason:                               "What motivated you to write "His Prize Cheetah"?


                                          "I first wrote a book called ‘Cry of the Rocks’ which is based in the deep platinum mines, where men and women work shifts in the heat and damp underground. It is a thriller based on a terror attack against the mine, which sets off a rockfall trapping dozens of people in the deep."

                                           "Anyway, having got that out, I thought romance might be a well-paying genre to try. So I wrote my first romance, ‘His Precious Diamond’ which was published by a UK company called Pegasus. Well, they did no marketing at all, so I decided to try and ‘go it alone’ with a new romance. That was the start of ‘His Prize Cheetah’, which I published on Kindle – still hoping I might make some money...(ha ha)."

Jason:                               "Which character can you relate to the most and why?"


                                           "I really like Francesca (Cheetah) as she is sassy, bright and knows what she wants in life. She loves the countryside, is kind to her father – and as a beautiful ambassador for Karen Mines’ wonderful jewellery and artwork she is a wow."

Jason:                                "For your fans and book lovers briefly describe "His Prize Cheetah"."


                                           "The second in the Pixie Emslie Exotica Romance series"

                                            "On the steamy beaches of the tropical island of Mauritius it was passion at first sight for billionaire playboy and womaniser of note, Anton van Coller and the deliciously sexy Francesca – better known to her friends as Cheetah. Both anxious to protect their identities, the two decide simply to enjoy their island fling – and to stay away from the pressures of their own high profile lives."

                                            "But back at her famous father’s ranch in Africa, Francesca is absolutely blown over when Anton turns up unexpectedly. He is involved in a fabulous global jewellery and art exhibition, and Cheetah is dragged into it, her exquisite face perfect to model the creations. She also has to face the fact that she was just one more of the many beautiful and famous names he had taken to his bed – but this time the golden playboy is smitten, while she is absolutely determined not to fall for his charms, or into his bed, again."

                                             "Moving from the wilds of Africa to the glamour of London and New York, this is a story to warm the coldest heart – and leave you longing for more."

Jason:                                  "Are you working on another book and if so what can you tell us about it"?


                                              "I am sure that all writers are always working on another book, even if only in their dreams. But yes, I have a story of a teenage rap singer almost complete and ready to go. It is aimed at the Young Adult market, is not religious but is inspirational and shows that young, black people can be a great success if they stick to their ideals. And then I have been working on a ‘big book’, based on two similar South African men – one white, one black – in World War 2."

Jason:                                   "For those that want to read your book what is the easiest way to buy "His Prize Cheetah"?"


                                              "If this has intrigued you, both ‘His Precious diamond’ and ‘His Prize Cheetah’ are available on Amazon Kindle books – priced at around $3.00."





                                       "Pixie Emslie was motivated by changing to the Romance gemre.  She did a great job in making a book that satisfies and delivers.  My favorite thing about Pixie Emslie is her 'never settle for less' attitude.  She had a Romance book that was published before and they didn't market it at all.  A lot of people would have accepted it.  They would have felt horrible of course but they would hope the next book would get better marketing.  Not Pixie.  She took matters into her own hands.  She knew her passion for writing a great book for her fans wasn't enough.  She wanted to make sure and market it herself and also give the same amount of passion in letting the world know about her work.  Because of her going out of her way to give Readers her very best and making sure people know about it she is not only a talented Author but an inspiration.  Click on the link above and but "His Prize Cheetah".

                                                                                         Jason E. Foss
                                                                                        954 743 8670


Friday, March 29, 2019

Rebecca Hefner "The End Of Hatred" An Interview with Rebecca Hefner by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                REBECCA HEFNER

                                           "Great Authors have something inside of them that is waiting to come out.  Sometimes they can't see it or they haven't found a reason to explore these inner talents.  It doesn't matter when they find out or who points out to them this quality of theirs once they discover it they will never be the same.  It's like Michael Jordan when he played for North Carolina and he hit that famous mid-range jumpshot with seconds left to get them the win.  From that moment on people saw value in him and knew there was something special about him.  Great Authors are very similar.  Just like the crowd of fans that pack up a stadium because their favorite player never disappoints at a home game fans and book lovers pay to read their favorite Authors book because they never disappoint.  Their words are like magic the way they connect a bridge of thoughts leaving the Reader entranced to the very end.  If someone interrupts them while they are reading their favorite Authors novel, even if it's a family member, they give that person this undescribable look that guarantees that they will never ever do that again.  Rebecca Hefner is one of these great Authors.  She let us know what motivated her."

                                                                                                                 Jason E. Foss

Jason:                                "What motivated you to write "The End Of Hatred"?"


                                            "I actually started writing The End of Hatred over a decade ago!  I’ve always been an avid romance and paranormal romance reader and I would come home after a long day and read.  However, I’d noticed that there were a handful of really great authors (Nora Roberts, Lisa Kleypas, JR Ward and Julie James to name a few) but when they didn’t have a book out the other authors I found just weren’t that great.  I would complain about it and my ex finally said, “Hey, you’re a great writer.  If you don’t like any books that are out, why don’t you write your own?”  I think he was tired of me complaining!  And I will say that was the absolute best thing that came out of that disastrous relationship!  Miranda and Sathan had already appeared in my imagination so it was actually quite easy to begin writing their story and dialogue."

Jason:                                 "Which character can you relate to the most and why?"


                                            "Oh man, I love all my characters.  They’re my book babies.  But, of course, I love Miranda.  She’s so fierce and kick-ass.  The Slayer traditions and culture are quite sexist and I see so many shades of her fighting the patriarchy, much as I tried to do growing up in the Bible Belt of North Carolina as a young girl.  She’s so fearless and strong but not perfect.  She’s stubborn, sometimes to her own detriment, and has an impulsive streak that blazes out of control on an occasion or two.  I think I want to be her when I grow up!  She’s just freaking fantastic."

Jason:                                 "For your fans and book lovers briefly describe "The End Of Hatred"."


                                             "Okay.  Let me break down how my head works.  As a child of the ‘90’s, I loved Buffy and Angel (who didn’t?).  Vampires and slayers have always fascinated me.  When I discovered JR Ward I was like, holy crap, you can write sexy books with vampires and other made-up creatures??  Yes, please.  But I’m also an old-school romance fan who loves the slow-burn stories of Judith McNaught and Sandra Brown.  So, it was important to me that I combined all those elements.  Easy, huh (she asks, shaking her head dejectedly).  It took me over ten years to get The End of Hatred to where it is today and I’m extremely proud of it.  It is a reimagining of the age-old Slayer/Vampyre saga.  In my world of Etherya’s Earth, the Slayers and Vampyres were created to be dependent upon each other.  Vampyres would drink Slayers’ blood for sustenance and offer them their protection in return.  When the Slayer King slaughters the Vampyre royals, that balance is destroyed, thrusting the species into a thousand-year war.  The End of Hatred picks up after those thousand years, with Slayer Princess Miranda and Vampyre King Sathan wanting peace.  After hating each other for so long, trust is scarce, and their unwanted attraction to each other certainly doesn’t help.  The End of Hatred takes readers on the journey of how they try to finally secure peace."

Jason:                                 "Are you working on another book and if so what can you tell us about it?"


                                            "There are now three books out in the Etherya’s Earth series.  Book 1, The End of Hatred, Book 2, The Elusive Sun and Book 3, The Darkness Within.  Book 4, The Reluctant Savior, is with the editor and will be up for pre-order very soon (please follow me on Amazon and Goodreads so you can track the pre-order and cover reveal!).  I love all of my books so much, as every author does, but I have to tell you that tears were streaming down my face as I wrote the final parts of Book 4.  It really wrung me out.  The heroine of that one is very complex and it took everything I had as a writer to construct a character that people would grow to root for although she might have been quite evil in the past.  We all are human and make terrible mistakes and I hope her character’s evolution and redemption touches something inside of the reader as it did me."

Jason:                                   "For those that want to read your book what is the easiest way to buy "The End Of Hatred"?"


                                               "I’m only on Amazon at the moment, as I’m offering the first two books of the series for free on Kindle Unlimited.  If you don’t have KU, it’s only $4.99.  So for five bucks, you can read about a kick-ass Slayer princess who saves her people.  Oh, and there’s humor!  It has some snicker-worthy moments and tons of pop culture references, I promise!  So, why not take the 5 bucks you’d spend on something you’ll never use and buy a book that will give you action and feels instead?"

                                                   "Here’s the link:


                                                 "Rebecca Hefner was motivated by her ex when some of her favorite Authors had no new books out.  He reminded her of what a great writer she was and gave ger the idea to write her own book.  That was a blessing for all of us.  The energy from this Author is contagious.  The words in her book and when she speaks to her fans and the people around her.  My favorite thing about Rebecca is the way she described her books.  She loves them.  She cried while writing the end of Book 4.  If that isn't writing with Passion I don't know what is.  When you hear an Author speak to you about the characters in their book like they are really alive then when you open their book you better believe your imagination will come alive from the first chapter until the last.  Any book that can take you on a Journey without having to leave your seat is Priceless.  When you finally look up from Reading you feel like you were somewhere else because the story felt so real.  There are some Authors that can do that to your Imagination and Rebecca Hefner is definitely one of them. Click on the link above and buy "The End Of Hatred".

                                                                                        Jason E. Foss
                                                                                        954 743 8670


Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Ashley R. King "Letters of a Dying Misanthrope" An Interview with Ashley R. King by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                     ASHLEY R. KING

                                        "Great Authors not only have a passion for writing but they also tend to be passionate about sharing it with others.  It's not their creative mind that has us in awe and admiration but their ability to take that creativity and transfer it from their mind to paper.  When their fans read their thoughts and their stories it is as if the Readers see exactly what the Author wanted them to.  They also give the Reader so much detail and images to expand their imagination and a great story to keep them intrigued all throughout their book.  Even though we all have our own unique experience and we visualize their captivating words differently we are pleased with everything we read and want more from these brilliant minds.  Their heart is in this.  They write with an energy that brings life to a story.  An energy that once we are done reading their work we walk off feeling an energy we did not feel before opening up their book.  And for that we are always grateful.  Ashley R. King is one of these great Authors.  She let us know what motivated her."

                                                                                                             Jason E. Foss

Ashley King

Hi Jason! I can't thank you enough for interviewing me for your blog. It truly is an honor. Please don't hesitate to let me know if I can ever help with promoting "Hour Glass" or any of your other books in the future. You rock and thank you again! :)

Jason:                              "What motivated you to write "Letters of a Dying Misanthrope"?"


                                         "What inspired me to write it was my amazing mother in law who is a two time breast cancer survivor. So many of us are affected by cancer in its many forms and I simply wanted to highlight that the people who fight, whether they live or die, are all valiant, are all heroes."

Jason:                               "Which character can you relate to the most and why?"


                                            "I relate most to the main character, Ava. She goes through a personal tragedy that causes her to recoil from the world, that makes her question her beliefs about life and love. After my father died when I was 21, I wanted to do the same thing as I had already gone through the death of my mother. I remember thinking, "Maybe it'd be better if I just didn't love or form any connections...maybe it wouldn't hurt as much..." But my husband, who was my boyfriend at that time, was like nope, not happening and he and his family rallied around me. Ava actually goes through with it and even when she starts to come back into the land of the living, she's still waiting for that other shoe to drop. Like me, Ava does eventually find love and realizes it's worth fighting for."

Jason:                              "For your fans and book lovers briefly describe "Letters of a Dying Misanthrope"."


                                           "A misanthrope is a person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society for a variety of reasons, some which include life circumstances, while others are due to personal choice. Synonyms include cynic, hermit, and Ava Rivers. At twenty-six she’d done a pretty fantastic job at becoming a young recluse, her father’s death having traumatized her years earlier. The casualties of her introversion include her mom, brother, best friend, and the boy that stole her heart at seventeen. Now working as a writer for the Berkmore Daily, Ava writes trivial society pieces (ironic, right?) while ignoring her assistant, Blair, and her good-natured boss, Ted. Her life turns upside down when she is diagnosed with breast cancer and forced to face the fallout from her earlier decisions, forced to realize that she does not want to live or die with any type of regrets. Thus, Letters of a Dying Misanthrope is born, a column where Ava is able to pour her heart out, to write letters to all those she’s wronged, to all those whose hearts she’s broken, in an attempt to bridge the gap. But before the column is published, she decides to deliver the letters personally in attempt to beg forgiveness, sometimes choosing to keep her illness a secret."

                                             "Maddox Ashbury was probably the biggest mistake of her life; she walked away from him when he proposed to her. There’s not really a way to come back from that is there? Regardless, Ava decides to give it a try with her newfound friends and family rallying behind her. What she doesn’t expect to find is an angry Maddox who has hardened his heart to her, proving this task to be more difficult than expected. Will Ava get her fairytale ending? Will the disease claim her before she even gets the chance to try? Twenty-six is an early age to die, but it’s not too early to learn the important things in life and to begin living."

                                               "Letters of a Dying Misanthrope is an emotional women’s fiction/romance crossover novel about strength, hope, and love. It is perfect for fans of Colleen Hoover, K.A. Tucker, and Tillie Cole."

Jason:                                   "Are you working on another book and if so what can you tell us about it?"


                                               "I am! I have two other books in the works. One is titled "Painting the Lines", which is a sports romance, and the other is "Angels in Cages", a Gothic romance set in the south and heavily based off of local folklore."

Jason:                                   "For those that want to preorder your book when it's available what is the best way to keep in touch with you on Social Media?"


                                                "The best way to keep in touch for preorder info, news, etc. is Instagram: @ashleykingwrites, Twitter: @ashleyk628, Facebook:, or my author web page:



                                                "Ashley R. King was motivated by her amazing Mother in Law who is not only a Survivor but she is also one of Ashley's heroes.  My favorite thing about Ashley is her giving nature.  She was inspired by the fight her Mother In Law showed and continues to show each day and now she wrote "Letters of a Dying Misanthrope" and it's going to inspire a world of people.  She encourages us to get through whatever we're going through, still go for your dreams, still go for the person you loved,  and still go for the life you always wanted to have no matter how far and impossible the chances of succeeding are.  That 'you never know unless you try' and 'right your wrongs' and 'go for what you want whether you win or lose' attitude is contagious.  It can inspire us all in our own lives.  I admire the way she uses her creative energy to write a book that will give her Readers that have challenges in their life more reasons to believe in themselves and keep going.  Because deep down inside we all have things that we want to fix or improve just as much as we want to achieve new goals.  It's books like this that motivates us to go for it.  Click on the link above to Ashley's Author page monthly as she will keep you informed when "Letters of a Dying Misanthrope" will be available for Preorder.  In the meantime she has great reviews on another book of hers so click on the second link and buy "Brightest Hour".

                                                                                         Jason E. Foss
                                                                                        954 743 8670



Saturday, March 23, 2019

Christine Bode "Eden Refugee" An Interview with Christine Bode by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                 CHRISTINE BODE

                                     Great authors and poets write words that connect to readers. Theirs are not just words on paper and those words are not flat and don’t go over their readers’ heads. Instead, they touch the person reading them and each page starts to build a bridge of emotions until the last word is read. Every sentence feels like a tease as you eagerly look forward to the next. In poetry, a great writer’s poems are beautiful with every reader interpreting them in their own unique way. It is hard to put what you feel into words or to express thoughts perfectly through writing. However, we can sometimes revisit our emotional memories within the form of a poem. There are some talented people that can write about what others have felt and have always wanted to read about and enjoy in an art form. Poetry can recreate a memory and rejuvenate its beauty and emotions in such a way that it feels like it happened only days ago. Christine Bode is one such poet and here, she shares with us what motivated her to write poetry.

                                                                                                                             Jason E. Foss

Jason:                                    What motivated you to become a published poet?


                                                I’ve written poetry since I was about 14 years old. It’s just something that I do to process my emotions and to record my experiences. My very first poem was about Shaun Cassidy and it got published in 16 Magazine and a book called Rock’s Biggest Ten by Scholastic Book Services in either 1977 or 78. I’m not a prolific writer though as I mostly write from experience and since I’ve been self-employed for the past ten years, I don’t get out much!

                                               From 2002-2004, I worked as a legal assistant to one of Canada’s leading entertainment lawyers in Toronto and he introduced me to Canadian broadcaster, author, actor, and all-around Renaissance man, Patrick Watson, who was Chair of the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) from 1989-1994. Patrick reviewed my poetry manuscript and taught me about meter, encouraged me to edit my work, and told me I have an authentic street voice. He gave me the confidence to put my work out there and I self-published my first volume of poetry called Eden Refugee in 2008. It has been described as visceral, dark poetry, that contains the element of the song lyric. Here are a few quotes: 

“Christine Bode has created an achingly beautiful work of art here.” ~ Tom DiCillo

 “She covers such a depth of human ecstasy and suffering…” ~ Gretchen Cornwall

 “Remarkable for its honesty and encompassing approach to those aspects of the human experience directly concerned with the heart and the search for fulfillment.” ~ Paige O’Neill

 “Dark poetry at its finest. Highly relatable with its cosmically mind-blowing truth of emotions. Emotionally, mentally and spiritually invigorating. Reminds you, even within darkness, there is light…” ~ Dawn Kilby

Jason:                                      What is your favorite poem you ever wrote and why is it your favorite?


                                                 It’s really hard to choose just one but if I have to, I think I’d choose “Icicles in the Sun”, not because I think it’s my best work, but because it was inspired by one of my heroes, Bob Geldof, and his work for Ethiopian famine relief, including the original Live Aid concert in 1985. I wrote the poem in 1987 and I sent a copy of it to Bob telling him that if I ever made any money from my poetry, I’d donate it to Band-Aid. It’s a good thing that he didn’t rely on me for that! Geldof wrote me back, on Band-Aid stationery, and he told me that he thought that my poem was “brilliant.” That validation encouraged me to continue to write and I’ve since met Bob a couple of times and even helped establish his social media fan sites many years ago.

                                 ICICLES IN THE SUN (inspired by Bob Geldof)   by Christine Bode

The brain is a battleground of conflicting thoughts,
each nerve-end wired, bristling and taut.
Tears that fall like acid rain,
permeate an ozone layer of pain.

Deep in the heart of nowhere brews an imminent storm,
where hope is lost and faith is scorned.
Another Cajun sunset lost in the lust;
poison gasses form emotional rust.

Ideologies cultivate,
expand, evolve and dissipate;
bereft of truths to consummate,
numbed minds frozen in the grip of hate.

Each season passes with no revelation,
time consumed to absolve expectation.
Images severed with the blink of an eye,
if one person forgets, a million may die."

"Toxic warfare breeds minds of indifference,
scarred and bruised souls ignite massive exodus.
Put down the guns, it isn’t too late,
melt icicles in the sun; help the children escape.

Jason:                       You have worked with a lot of musicians as their social media manager/marketer. What is it that you do for them and how does it feel to know that so many musicians enjoy working with you?


                                   I’ve been working as a social media manager and marketer through my business, Scully Love Promo, since March 2008, so I’ve worked with A LOT of musicians and some of them have been Juno and Grammy winners! I do many things for my clients, including creating and posting or prescheduling content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well as grow their audiences on those platforms and monitor and/or answer comments from fans, create and run ad campaigns, add tour dates to websites and sites like Bandsintown, Songkick, etc., promote shows on various online events calendars, share and write press releases, track statistics, and even create websites using WordPress and Bandzoogle. I also offer tutorials in best practices for using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for marketing purposes.

                                     In addition to all that, I work as a proofreader and editor and have edited every kind of document you can imagine from CD liner notes to PhD theses to novels. I’m the chief editor for a Canadian company called Publish and Promote. Working with musicians has been the greatest joy of my life.  I’m proud of my clients’ achievements and some of my clients have become my friends. I wish I had more time to regularly cheer them on, even after I’ve finished working with them.

Jason:                       What is your favorite thing about delivering quality results to your clients so that they refer you with confidence?

                My favorite thing is when my clients listen to me and do what I tell them to do so that I’m able to help them reach their social media marketing goals within a specific campaign and especially, to help them sell out their shows. It’s not an easy thing to do so when it happens, I’m overjoyed for them. Selling music online isn’t easy these days either and most artists make very little money through streaming so I really enjoy it when I can help them to stand out from the crowd on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and I see their fans engaging with them.  Creating a significant audience of super fans is what social media is all about for musicians.  I like to think that they believe in my integrity - in the quality of my work and my knowledge of social media best practices – and because I keep their confidential information, confidential. About 95% of my clients come from client or music industry colleague referrals so I guess I’m doing something right.

Jason:                            Are you working on any new poetry projects and, if so, what can you tell us?


                                        I am. I’m working on my second book of poetry that I’ve titled Pagan Pathology. I’ve written 22 poems for it so far, but I have no idea when it will be finished. Like I said, I write from experience, so I just live my life and continue to try to experience new things to write about. My first book took me 30 years to write but I hope that the second won’t take even half that long!

Jason:                             How does someone who wants to invest in your services or buy your poetry go about doing so?


                                         Anyone who is interested in contacting me about my services can reach me through my website at  HYPERLINK or by email at

 HYPERLINK "mailto: and then we can talk on the phone."

Eden Refugee can be purchased on demand through Lulu at:


Please note that the best review of my book of poetry can be found here:


                                        Christine Bode was motivated to write poetry because it is a great way for her to process her emotions and experiences. Her work has been said to be both achingly beautiful and dark. My favorite thing about Christine is that even though her poetry gets great reviews, and she has touched people with her work, she doesn’t make it her primary focus. Instead, she is constantly helping musicians to connect with their fans through social media and provides editing and proofreading services to others to make sure that they give their readers their very best. That is why it is always positive to shine a spotlight on someone that doesn’t look for it. Her quality of work and loyal followers guarantees you that in whatever she does, she will always give it and you, her very best.

                                        Click on the link above and buy Eden Refugee.

                                                                                        Jason E. Foss
                                                                                         954 743 8670


Thursday, March 21, 2019

J. Webb Garrett "Neon Calico" An Interview with J. Webb Garrett by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                  J. WEBB GARRETT

                                          "Great Authors have an imagination that far exceeds their Readers expectations.  They'll see the limitations of creativity and surpass it because their vision is beyond any boundaries.  It doesn't matter that a pen and paper is usually black and white when that pen hits that paper and those chapters start adding up all the Reader sees is color.  Action and vibrant life and a story that captures your attention to the very end.  This is not an easy feat for anyone.  They know their character like the back of their hand but when they write them they come out even better than they imagined.  Their love for their genre and their vision takes their story to the next level.  J. Webb Garrett is one of these great Authors.  He let us know what motivated him."

                                                                                                               Jason E. Foss

Jason:                                  "What motivated you to write "Neon Calico"?


                                             "I've had a love of science/speculative fiction for as long as I can remember, and cyberpunk has always been a sub-genre I've felt close to. I developed the character of Calico several years before I began writing NEON Calico, but held on to her for when the time was right."

                                             "When I returned to college to complete Graduate School, I opted for the route of a Creative Thesis, as my focus was in English and Creative Writing. During my second year, I took a class on cyberpunk fiction and through it was inspired to turn my thesis into a full novel. I sought to embrace many of the themes and tropes of the cyberpunk genre while not being fully constrained by them, using them to enhance the story while still telling the story I wanted to tell. I wanted to see a character who embraced human augmentation, rather than seeing yet another tale of "oh no, I have robot parts that make me into Superman. How tragic," I wanted to showcase a character who lived with her augmentations, who accepted them as part of her, yet who still struggled with issues of acceptance and cybernetic maintenance, an element I've not seen often portrayed within the genre."

Jason:                                     "What characteristic of Neon Calico can you relate to the most and why?"


                                                "I most relate to Calico in her questions of what it means to be accepted and her struggle between expectations of her and her own desires and dreams. Being a writer is no easy task, nor is it an easy road to success, but it is what I've always dreamed of being. Calico fights against what is expected of her, living her life her own way. I admire her for this, for her strength of will and character. She is, in many ways, the sort of person I would want to be."

                                                "Not in the sense of being a criminal mercenary, of course, but in sticking to one's beliefs, being true to themselves, and not letting others control what she does with her life."

Jason:                                     "For your fans and book lovers briefly describe the book "Neon Calico"."


                                                "NEON Calico takes place in a future vision of Chicago. Not a distant future, but one which might be possible within the next 100 years or so. This is an age of the auger, the cyborg, as humanity has developed the technology to enhance the human body through mechanical and genetic means."

                                                 "Calico herself is a troubleshooter, a mercenary agent who operates outside of the law, taking jobs from ordinary citizens and megacorporations alike. Having fled the corporate life her father, a Hong Kong businessman, created for her, she hopes to leave her past behind her."

                                                 "Of course, this is a hard thing to do when that past comes looking her for. From her half-brother, she learns about Project: Stray, something her father has in the works which may threaten her freedom, so she agrees to seek it out, her desire being to be free of her family's influence. Unfortunately, nothing is ever so easy, and she finds herself embroiled in a battle for her very identity and free will."

Jason:                                    "Are you working on another book and if so what can you tell us about it?"


                                              "I am working on other books. Currently, I am finishing a second draft of the third book in my urban fantasy series, The Morrighan's Song, which is a modern take on Irish mythology set in a modern, rural America. This book is titled The Mantle of Czernobog and should be available later this year. The other books in the series, which are both available now, are 'The Eye of Balor' and 'Curse of the Black Dog'."

                                              "Once I finish this draft and send it off to readers for review, I intend to start on a fantasy story I've long been in the process of trying to bring to life."

Jason:                                  "For those that want to read your book what is the easiest way to buy "Neon Calico"?"


                                              "You can find NEON Calico, as well as all my works, on Amazon


                                   "J. Webb Garrett was motivated by his love for science/speculative fiction for as long as he can remember.  My favorite thing about this great Author is how he brought Neon Calico to life and created a character that represents the sort of person he wants to be.  His colorful and unique novel has great reviews which call it 'cyberpunk on steroids' or 'great main character, well written, and fun read.'  When Readers all come to the same conclusion and want more from Neon Calico after they read it you know it's worth the read.  J. Webb Garrett took his love for his favorite genre and added his own twist by creating a character unlike any other to give you a new experience.  This great book has the themes of cyberpunk but stands out and has no limitations making this one a page turner.  Click on the link above and buy "Neon Calico"."

                                                                                          Jason E. Foss
                                                                                          954 743 8670