Wednesday, October 21, 2020

"Connect To Things That Inspire You" An Interview with Hadarrah More by Jason E. Foss

                                                       HADARRAH MORE   

                         Success is a journey that has a difficult path.  Each one of us has our own map.  We have to create it ourselves.  What's your passion?  Once you find that out, how do you get there?  How do you make it your Career?   How do you thrive?  After you find your passion, action will get you there.  Consistancy will keep you there.  Hadarrah More is an amazing leader that is dedicated to success.  She puts in the time.  Her energy and commitment to excellence is some of many reasons why she stands out in a competitive industry.  She lets us know what motivates her.

Jason:                You are an inspiration to a lot of people.  As a Business Professional you figured out a way to stay successful in Luxury sectors including New York and London.  It takes a certain kind of person to be that consistent.  What is your motivation? 


                           "I am pretty self motivated and have always been.  Not sure how great that answer is, but it is my truth.  I enjoy being successful and I like making my goals and achieving them.  I take pride in what I do – there is no other way to be.  I have friends who always ask why I don’t start my own thing, but I know that I enjoy the structure of working for a company.  That is why it is so important to stand out and make yourself as irreplaceable as you can be."

                         "I know I need to work in roles that allow me a level of autonomy that is super important for my motivation.  For me it is also 50/50 split where I love fashion, art and design and also am super business minded.  Working with my team and inspiring them and watching them grow is also super motivating to me – over my career it is something I have learned to master.  Management is 90% managing your team and 10% managing the business.  Find the beauty in the day to day and have hobbies and a life outside of work!"

                       "I have always struggled with my work life balance myself, but I have also learned to work on that as that outside time helps motivate me for when I am at work.  My friends and successful inspiring women really motivate me – to think 50 years ago women would not be in roles that we find ourselves in today.  I am motivated by the future and change."

Jason:           You are very good at what you do and there are a lot of qualities one must have to be successful. What do you feel is the best characteristic to have in order to be successful?  


                     "Grit, being adaptable, being kind, being preemptive, emotional intelligence, having passion, surrounding yourself with the best team, find a mentor, read a lot and know yourself are some characteristics – the list is long!  Passion is an important one; you need to have passion for what you do and are selling in order to have success.  I have been in situations where the passion was not there and I did a year and looked for my next venture."  

                      "A job is a relationship and as much as they give, you in response need to give back.  Look at what is going on in the world today we are changing and our industry is morphing so quickly thinking outside of the box and being creative with your resources is how you can stand out.  When you have passion you are connected to what you do and those aha moments that help drive the business will come to you because it is what you genuinely care about."

                     "It is not a 9-5, you should be committed to make your business successful and your team happy.  Someone once told me to view my role as if it was my own business – essentially you are running your own mini business and you need to have that drive, dedication and passion that would entail if that was actually the case."

 Jason:            Do you have any other Passion or Life Goals and if so what are they?  


                       "I love art and writing and was able to pursue writing outside of my role for many years mostly in London.  Art helps inspire me and I make sure that I make time to explore museums and see art.  I am a big yoga person and went to India recently which was an amazing trip and definitely checked something off the bucket list with that.  Music is everything to me and luckily a lot of my friends have worked in the music industry so have been to some amazing events where I was exposed to so many talented musicians.  Now it is normal that a brand has all these things integrated into what they are and love that. Helping others is so important to me and something I am very passionate about."

                      "I take pride in volunteering and helping the communities I find myself in.  I am making a big move soon and excited to connect with a new volunteer program.  My life goal is to be a good person and it is something I work on daily and is incorporated both in my personal and work life." 

Jason:             For those that are inspired by you and would like to chase their dreams and achieve their Life Goals what advice would you give them that would help them to be successful?  


                         "Work hard and be nice to people!  Show up and be open to learning, adapting and looking at yourself and what you did amazing and what you need to improve upon.  Have faith and believe in yourself.  I have always been super confident that I can do whatever I put my mind to I can achieve – you need to have confidence and believe in yourself.  It is so important."

                         "Love yourself and what I have learned over the years is to trust your gut.  Know what makes you happy.  Understand that success and dreams are achievable but require a lot of work and commitment and tap into your strength.  Surround yourself with positive people and connect to things that inspire you.  Find a mentor.  Read!  I love autobiographies and find people’s stories super fascinating.  Learn from the world.  Be honest with yourself about what you struggle with, be kind to yourself and help yourself grow.  You got this!"

Jason:               You are very motivating. For those that would love to support you how can they do so and what is the best way for them to contact you?  


                         "You can find me on LinkedIn (feel free to place a link for my page) and my Instagram is @hadarrahmore  "


                       Hadarrah is motivated by the future and change.  That is such an amazing quality.  No wonder she thrives.  Change is constant and it's hard to keep up.  However if change motivates you, you will almost never be left behind.  Success is like a sport.  You have to be in it to win it.  Learn from those that have figured out how to get there.  Pay even more attention to those that found a way to stay there.  My favorite thing about Hadarrah More is that she doesn't hold back on how to become successful.  You are talented.  Whether you already know or if you need to figure out what your passion is, take her advice and success tips. Click on one of the links above and connect with Hadarrah More.  


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