Monday, October 12, 2020

"Passion And Perseverance" An Interview with Judit Nora Kriston by Jason E. Foss

                                                         JUDIT NORA KRISTON 

              There are so many people that become successful in life.  Almost nothing is easy to attain.  Action is one of the most important things to get you there.  You're not going to want to do anything without people like Judit Nora Kriston.  She is one of the Leaders that are out there day in and day out trying to find a way to guide people to greatness.  Your talent, your passion, and that gift inside of you is so valuable.  You can make it on your own.  You really can!  However, why do something on your own when you can have someone by your side that can get you in the zone?  She believes in everything that you are trying to achieve.  You want that push to get up in the morning and get what you want in life?  Speaking to Judit Nora Kriston will make you want your dreams even more.  Success is as good as yours.  It takes action.  Before action, it takes the desire to act.  It takes the right plan to get you there.  Judit is known for having that plan.  That plan to make you want to act.  That plan that makes you want to succeed.  She lets us know what motivates her.

              Jason:          You are an inspiration to a lot of people.  As a Great Leader in the Coaching Industry takes a certain level of drive and commitment to maintain the level of success that you have. What is your motivation?  

              "My motivation is providing guidance, a clear and simple action plan for those who want to have a real career, that is aligned with their values and passion.  In other words, to have a personal as well as professional fulfilment."

Jason:         You are very good at what you do and there are a lot of qualities one must have to be successful. What do you feel is the best characteristic to have in order to be successful? 


                   "I think it is complex how to be successful and there is no secret recipe.  I strongly believe passion is basic and it stands as a starting point to achieve something...and passion supplemented by perseverance can be an outstanding combination to be successful."

Jason:            Do you have any other Passion or Life Goals and if so what are they?  


                      "Sure,  I have my sons.  I do my best to guide them properly and see they will live a happy and healthy life.  It sounds simple but I think it is one of my biggest tasks... and so rewarding.  They are my source of energy."

Jason:              For those that are inspired by you and would like to chase their dreams and achieve their Life Goals what advice would you give them that would help them to be successful? 


                         "I would say the most important thing that every one of us has is a unique story to be considered.  My advice: find the inner guide, the passion or mission, then clarify goals and actions.  I strongly believe that everything is possible!  One of my favorite quotes: "Start where you are. Use what you have.  Do what you can." (Arthur Ashe)."

Jason:           "You are very motivating. For those that would love to support you how can they do so and what is the best way for them to contact you?  


                      "The pleasure is mine, Jason to have this chat with You.  Thank you for this opportunity.  This interview means a lot.  My company, Karrier Konzulting provides coaching programs in personal and professional development.  These programs are essential for young and mid-career professionals to have clear career management plan and simple, actionable steps. 

             It is always good to see if someone reshares my post and it means he/she spreads the words I would like to deliver to people.  Whoever is interested in my coaching programs can find my contact details below.  Let's talk and discover what is your passion in life!"


                   That dream you want?  Go for it!  It takes effort.  The road to success can be a long and confusing road.  Obstacles that are in your way may sometimes make you want to look for the next exit and give up on your goals.  Don't do that.  Don't do it alone if you don't have to.  Judit Nora Kriston has a plan designed to get you to where you want to go without looking for exits.  With passion and perseverance she knows that you can make it.  You will reach your destination.  When you feel like you might not have what it takes to be successful, remember what Judit said.  You have your unique story.  That's all you need to get you started.  Starting gives you the chance.  Now all you have to do is finish.  Click on one of Judit's links above and your Journey towards success will be an easier one. 

                                     Jason  E. Foss
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