Friday, November 15, 2019

"A Great Leader That's Making A Difference." An Interview with Staci Radican by Jason E. Foss

                             STACI RADICAN

               "Great Leaders don't always follow someone else's path. They make their own. Their desire to grow is not a stage in their life. It's not even a phase they are going through. It's who they are. They are committed to making themselves better. And most importantly, they are committed to their Team. They teach their team that obstacles are not a road block. It's simply a challenge that they will get through together. Staci Radican is one of these great leaders. She let us know what motivates her."

                                            Jason E. Foss

Jason:             “What motivated you to become an Organizational Leader?”


                      “My first job as an organizational leader was not a result of intention, but rather a passion to help the customer and a desire to demonstrate my capabilities to Management.  Those traits combined with leaders who fostered a learning environment by honest, open and respectful communication fueled my sales performance. My initiative to learn and the subsequent request of additional responsibilities resulted in a promotion to Assistant Manager within three months of my being hired.”

                         “Ten months later, a move to the  Midwest  brought about my second assistant manager position with a much larger clothing retailer.  At the onset of this job, my thought was that working for a bigger company would offer greater opportunities to achieve success in an industry in which I was becoming fascinated.  However, the actuality was not as I had hoped.”

                           “I felt the leaders in this organization fostered a hostile work environment which led to poor customer service, poor productivity and massive employee turnover. Having the opportunity to observe upper managements’ communication style and what I perceived as lack of clarity and vision led me to second guess my dream of becoming a leader in this industry. It also caused me to find another job. My manager’s terse, negative response to my notice became the turning point to my becoming an intentional organizational leader.”

                            “Although my experience with this company wasn’t what I expected, I learned much about employee and customer relations and the need to build committed teams.

In my following job, I would become a store manager within 2 years and subsequently recruited by a larger chain with higher volume sales.  The opportunity to work with leaders who promoted learning, intensive training, honest, open respectful
communication and  accountability not only fueled my motivation but, shaped my leadership skills and earned me a promotion to the Training Manager for our Region.
Within three years I was again promoted to the position of District Manager
supervising up to 16 stores in multiple cities and states.”

Jason:                       “One of my favorite things about you is your selfless ways.  You help others and don't speak of it.  When I reached out you were volunteering for the Frontline Foundation making Tuna Salad for the Homeless.”


                                 “Thank you.....I believe volunteerism is a wonderful way of giving back to the community.”

Jason: “What do you feel is the most important characteristic for a Leader to have?”


                                  “I believe integrity and strong moral convictions are the most important characteristics a leader can possess.”

Jason:                     “You are an inspiration to a lot of people.  What advice would you give to someone that is chasing their dreams and trying to be successful?”


                                    “My recommendation is to find employment with companies that foster a learning environment while having a solid framework of standards and rules by which to gauge performance.  Additionally, a platform to raise the benchmark with an array of incentives should be offered.”

“It’s also important for an individual to use a style of leadership that helps identify areas of opportunities for personal growth.  Understanding and identifying personality traits and leadership styles teach the necessity of exercising “situational” abilities which leads to competent, confidant, motivated individuals.  These people develop the ability to deliver brand excellence without constant a managerial presence.”

                   “I want to support this by mentioning the countless awards my teams received in retail and education. They achieved awards for top sales performance, best loss prevention, and brand excellence presentation. They were recognized for maintaining budget and cost performance. My teams were often selected to be a part of company change roll-outs and to assist in the development and implementation of new training tools and brand expectation standards.”

Jason:               “What is your favorite thing about being an Organizational Leader?”


                     “My favorite part of being an organizational leader was learning that the skills I acquired and now teach are actually life skills which can be implemented in every area of an individual’s life.  My acquired skills led to my gaining the courage to live abroad and thrive in a foreign culture.”

                      “I would later use these same skills to gain employment as the Director/Organizational Leader in the educational system where I had the honor and privilege to positively impact numerous students and their families.”


                       “Staci Radican was motivated by her passion to help the customer and her desire to demonstrate her capabilities to Management. When she worked in a hostile work environment she moved on. She knows her worth. She knows what she wants. She also inspires us to never settle. I love the way she takes pride in her team's success and she thrives off of making people better. Staci Radican is a great leader that doesn't just see her team as a whole but she finds strength in each Individual and puts them in a position to be successful."

                                                         Jason E. Foss
                                                         Life Coach
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Sunday, November 3, 2019

"If you are on track with your mission you are successful." - Zhila Casas. An Interview with Zhila Casas by Jason E. Foss.

                                                                                       ZHILA CASAS

                                "Great Leaders are open minded and love to learn. They succeed not because they are all about themselves but they are Passionate about helping others. And ironically by their determination in helping others to succeed, they Succeed. Set a goal for your life and go after it with all your heart. Do what you can to help anyone along the way . Zhila Casas is one of these Great Leaders. She lets us know what motivates her."
                                                                                                   Jason E. Foss

Jason:                           "What motivated you to become a District Sales Manager?"


                                           "I fell into Retail by accident. I wanted to be a Physician but I had a hard time with certian smells. While at university I began working at a retail store and I loved it. I was promoted rapidly and began my journey with so many different companies. I was able to sell anything from Clothing, Furniture, to Health and Wellness. I'm able to Identify with what people need. I enjoy helping people to live their best life.

                                          "Being a Physician is about helping others. Retail is the same. Helping others is in my DNA. Who can I help along the way? Who can I bring along with me? That's why I grew as a Manager!"
                                          "I want to influence everyone around me in a profound way so those who benefit would pay it forward and help another. The sales associate who becomes a leader one day would do the same for another person. You know we are are linked like a chain so what you do will never go without some kind of coming full circle. It’s the law of cause and effect.


Jason:                         "What do you feel is the best quality to have to be successful at what you do?"


                                     "You have to have a good attitude and look at everything with a childlike curiosity. We all know the one person who acts like they know it all, and we know how we feel about such a person . You can do anything with a growth mindset. Close yourself to learning and you die.

                                   "If you don't have a good attitude you won't be successful.  Even if you attain some success you will eventually lose it.  Because if you have a bad attitude no one will want to work with you."

                                  "Hold yourself accountable and you will get your Dream."

Jason:                        "What would you say to those that admire how hard you work and want to be successful like you?"


                                  "You have to have a vision for your life.  You have to know exactly what you want to do.  You have to be able to listen to feedback.  Learn from people you admire.  Learn from other people's mistakes so you make less mistakes of your own.  Learn from their advice.

                                   "Books are important too.  Books that feed your mind and soul.  Find the right questions to ask yourself then seek the answers to them.  You have to have a Big Why!  Why are you here?  What do you want?  Things don't happen by accident.  You have to work for it.  There was a time when I wrote to myself things I would achieve in 5 years.  I checked years later and almost cried because I accomplished every single one of them."

                                   "What is your mission?  Be very Intentional and very clear about what you want.  Your subconscious goes to work because your intentions are so specific."

                                    "You have to give to recieve.  Money doesn't bring Happiness.  Love is important.  If you're happy you can love better."

Jason:                         "Do you have any other Passions or Life Goals that you enjoy?"


                                    "Dancing.  I love Ballroom dancing!  It puts you in such good spirits.  It brings such great joy.  The three main things I connect with are being Healthy, Successful, and Happy.  Dancing gives me complete joy and bliss.

Jason:                         "For those people that read this and are inspired by your Leadership qualities, great personality, and incredible work ethic, is there any way they can support you or stay in contact with you?"


                                     "You can connect with me on Linkedin.  I'm well connected with so many different people.  Pray for me.  Pray for my Health.  I start each day with gratefulness.  And remember, if everyone is on their mission, everyone can be successful."




                                  "Zhila Casas is motivated by her Passion for helping others.  She wants to see others succeed.  My favorite thing about her is when she said to have a vision for your life.  When being a Physician didn't seem to be the right fit for her she found what works for her.  She is a people person and Retail was the perfect fit.  So if you don't know what you want to be, keep looking.  Eventually you will figure out what your passion is.  Don't be afraid to try new things.  If you are having a hard time figuring out your life goals don't hesitate asking for help.  Speak to your Friends, your Family, or to Great Leaders like Zhila.  Someone else might see something in you that you may not see in yourself.  Always remember what Zhila says, 'If you are on track with your mission you are successful.' Stay inspired and take Zhila's advice.  If you work on your goals with a positive attitude and a growth mindset, you will get your dream. Click on the Link above and connect with Zhila Casas.

                                                                                               Jason Foss
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