Tuesday, December 1, 2020

An Interview with Joie Pirkey by Jason E. Foss

                                                               JOIE PIRKEY 

                              "People really do make a difference.  Whether it's lending a hand or helping someone out, the decision to do it can change someone's day.  Social media is one of the best ways we communicate with eachother on a daily basis.  Words can tell a story.  It's something you can read, but a smiley face or any emoji can let you know how you make them feel.  You can write one person and connect on a personal level.  In business or to reach a larger audience hashtags gives you the ability to let your message travel in style.  Joie Pirkey is one of those innovators that put in the time and effort to give us hashtagr.  She let us know what motivates her."

                                 Jason E. Foss


Jason:            You are an inspiration to a lot of people. Hashtagr is a very popular way to attract more Clients and boost more engagements on posts. What is your motivation?


                     "Our motivation is to create excellent apps that assist people in getting their products seen by their niche, and people who are looking for them.  I was birthed with the desire to follow Jesus Christ and to use social media to market the gospel and hope for the world.  We began creating an app called dodl.es that makes it simple and easy to animate on your phone.  When we hit the money barrier, we started to rethink marketing on social media, trying to use free marketing.  As we studied the nuances of what worked to grow accounts and reach the right people we realized that hashtags were the search tool of the future.  We needed to master it to reach our niche.  Our genius engineers created #hashtagr in house to use to find the best, most currant hashtags, and it worked so well we were surprised to see that it blew the competition out of the water.  That's when we realized, 'Hey!  We can sell this!'  And that is how #hashtagr was born." 

Jason:               You are very good at what you do and there are a lot of qualities one must have to be successful. What do you feel is the best characteristic to have in order to be successful? 

                          "Best attribute to succeed?  Seriously?  It is Grit.  Can you keep going?  Even through the rough times?  That is the most important attribute.  We have also found that if we create an atmosphere that allows every single employee to create in the areas that they are strong in and we utilize and equip those strengths we get the best products and marketing assets.  Team work is not a new idea but we have found that if we pay attention to what people love and feel passionate about and then get them creating in that vein we see beautiful work."    

Jason:        Do you have any other Passion or Life Goals and if so what are they? 


                                "My personal passions are a crazy array of weird stuff.  I love people, art, swimming, mission work in Rwanda, marketing, social issues really interest me, what is coming in the future has most of my random thoughts. I have always been a person deeply interested in culture and where it is going.  I have worked in and started many socially conscious non prophs.  I love to learn and read like a maniac.  I love research and sports.  I am all over the board.  I feel very free to go into anything that catches my attention.  Life is great after 40 when you stop caring what others think and you can just go for what you love. Personal freedom to be myself is very important to me.  And all of these desires are wrapped up in my amazing relationship with Jesus. For Him, because of Him, in Him."     

Jason:                       For those that are inspired by you and would like to chase their dreams and achieve their Life Goals what advice would you give them that would help them to be successful? 


                                   "My advice to those who want to succeed is to be vulnerable with people, be willing to change, figure out what you really desire and pray.  Following the Holy Spirit has been the most adventurous journey I could have ever imagined.  If it were not for Him I would be a boring wife and mom in a tiny town doing nothing.  What were you created to do?  What were the good works that God designed just for you?  Figure it out and get going. Live fearless…because why not?"

Jason:                    You are very motivating. For those that would love to support you how can they do so and what is the best way for them to contact you?

                               "How can you support me?  I don’t need support. If you are hungry to change the world one person at a time and don’t want to throw your money and time into a bureaucracy that sucks it up and means almost nothing, come along!  The most primary work of my life right now is to equip others to live out their best lives.  So shoot me a message and let’s chat.  When we can figure out what your passion is we can see what’s available.  If you are like yeah I love this and want to simply give to an orphan or really change a black life, drop a donation into this pay pal account and let me know what you want it to go to.  paypal.me/wellspringatthecross   I am in the process of helping a very poor man in Rwanda start a farm.  If you want to buy him a life changing goat or cow shoot me $60.00.  A cow is $200.  If you want to send a young girl to school I can facilitate that as well.  If you are looking to promote your brand or become an influencer grab the free trial of #hashtagr and watch your account steadily grow."



                  "Helping others to get their product seen in style is what motivated Joie Pirkey to create hashtagr.  When we create something it is a huge accomplishment.  It doesn't matter how big or small the project.  When you take the time to do something, it shows that you didn't stop until it was done.  I really like the way her and the genius engineers within her company wouldn't stop until they made it just right!  It's that extra time and that extra care that takes something that looks good and make it stand out.  Click on the link above and use hashtagr today."

                                                              Jason  E. Foss
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