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Diane Byington "Who She Is" An Interview with Diane Byington by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                   DIANE BYINGTON

                  "Great Authors will write and persevere.  They know that what they create is worth reading.  They have something to share and they write.  And they write.  And they write.  When the dust settles their book is out.  Because great Authors believe in every part of them that the story that they created is going to touch a Reader that was looking for that very same kind of book.  They are the answer to what the Readers and book lovers of the world have been waiting for.  Diane Byington is one of these great Authors.  She let us know what motivated her"

                                                                                                         Jason E. Foss

Jason:                          "What motivated you to write "Who She Is"?"


                                      "I wanted to write about a person who had a goal and met it. Simple, huh? Yes, but there had to be obstacles. Who wouldn’t want someone to succeed at running a marathon? Her parents, that’s who. And why? Therein lies the tale of Faye’s family secret. I was researching the idea when I saw the photos of Kathrine Switzer getting assaulted by the race director as she ran the Boston Marathon in 1967 and I wondered what a young woman who saw those photos would think. She would think: “I want to run that race.” And so I had my time period."

Jason:                             "What characteristic of Faye can you relate to the most and why?"


                                         "Faye is much braver than I could ever be. Alas, I’m not a runner, but I am determined, just as she is. The book took me eight years to get published. I revised it over and over, and eventually Red Adept Publishing accepted it. I’m happy that I persevered."

Jason:                              "For your fans and book lovers briefly describe "Who She Is"."


                                          "Faye and Francie, both high school students, decide to run the Boston Marathon. Except that the year is 1967 and women weren’t allowed to run the race at that time. They figure they’ll work that out, but first they have to be able to run 26 miles. They start increasing their mileage. One night, after being almost run down by a car, Faye experiences a flashback (or something odd) about a different early life than the one she knows. Is she really remembering something important or is this the product of her epilepsy? She doesn’t know, but she is determined to find out. So, there are two stories woven together: her effort to run the marathon and her struggle to find out the truth about her early years. Faye works hard to figure out who she is, and the answer will change her life forever."

Jason:                               "Are you working on another book and if so what can you share with us about it?"


                                          "My next book goes in a different direction, although it has a female protagonist and even more suspense. It’s called “The Second Time Traveler,” and is the story of Kaley, who happens upon some hidden letters written by Nikola Tesla in which he describes his experiments with time travel. She is determined to follow in his footsteps and fix a decision she made in her college years that she has always regretted. Of course, things don’t go as planned! I think of it as “The Time Traveler’s Wife meets the Terminator.” I’m very excited about it. The book will come out later this year. I’m not sure of the date."

Jason:                                "For those that want to read your book what is the easiest way to buy "Who She Is"?"

It’s on Kindle Unlimited, so the best place to buy it is on Amazon as an ebook, paperback, or on Kindle Unlimited.


                    "Diane Byington was motivated when she saw the photos of Kathrine Switzer getting assaulted by the race director as she ran the Boston Marathon in 1967.   Women weren't allowed to race at that time.  The bravery and courage it would take to do it anyway.  That takes perseverance.  My favorite thing about Diane is not just her talent in writing but how she showed her determination in not giving up until 8 years later when her book got published.  If that is not perseverance I don't know what is.  If you want to be inspired.  This is the book to read.  Not only because of the powerful story of two women doing something despite not being allowed to run the race but also because of the Author writing it.  Diane inspires us to never give up.  If you believe in something it will happen but you must keep moving forward until you persevere.  This is the book that will inspire us all. Click on the link above and buy "Who she is"."

                                                                                               Jason E. Foss
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