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Liza O' Connor "A Better Life" An Interview with Liza O'Connor by Jason E Foss

                                                                                     LIZA O' CONNOR

               "Great Authors are capable of doing great things.  They can give us a great escape from the real world.  Or they can give us a story that can add some spice and adventure into our own life as soon as we read their book.  No matter what these great stories do for us it is safe to say that they are creative.  They know their characters almost as if they really exist.  And the Reader sometimes feels the same way after the book is read.  Liza O' Connor is one of those great Authors.  She writes with high energy.  She has a Passion for writing and she is one of the most hard-working Authors out there.  With over 50 of her books available on Amazon Liza let us know what motivated her."

                                                                                                     Jason E. Foss

Jason:                   "What motivated you to write "A Better Life"?"


                               "A Better Life is the third book of a series called Angel’s Trials. I needed to give Angel a REAL happy ending this time. After all she has been through, she deserved a truly happy ending."

Jason:                    "What character can you relate to the most and why?"


                                "Oh, Angel for certain. She is a survivor, even when the men in her life do horrible things.  My own trail of men has been painful, so we can relate. However, I’ll admit she has more trouble than I did. However, that just makes me grateful."

Jason:                     "For your fans and book lovers briefly describe "A Better Life"."


                                "It’s about a woman who has loved and lost a great deal. The man she first loved (Bk1) died. Another man declares his love for her. (He’s actually the one who murdered her first love, but she doesn’t know that, so don’t tell her.) When she fails to give her new husband a child, he dumps her for her best friend. When the girl friend can’t give him a child, he kidnaps Angel’s boy. And while she gets her son back, it terrified her. Due to all these issues, she gathers a great many men to love her. That way if one man betrays her, she’ll still have someone who will love her. Unfortunately, her next husband is a SADIST. So while he declares he loves her, he puts her into a secret FBI bunker, where she is daily tortured. However, when she becomes pregnant, she demands her release.  Which brings us to the current book...."

                                 "The Sadist loses all interest in Angel now that he can’t torture her."

                                  "Angel has three boys now... none of which are the Sadist’s."

"Book 3 starts in high action":

                                  "Her home is under attack. Angel runs to the basement to hide and to her shock, she is swiftly removed by FBI agents through a tunnel she knew nothing about. They take her to an underground compound where she will live for the rest of her life. She balks, declaring she never agreed to that. The Commander’s response is a clear threat: “You are legally dead. If you wish, we can kill you painlessly to make it so.”

                                   "Thus, Angel regroups, and tries to make the best of matters. They return not just her kids, but two kids of one of her lovers as well. Angel loves children. Sadly, she has to spend most of her time uncovering money from criminals, jihadists, and I’m sorry to say: politicians."

                                    "No one can find money better than Angel. She has a sixth sense as she works through the electronic documents. The bad guys cannot outwit Angel. She will find their begotten gains, no matter how well they hide them."

Jason:                         "Are you working on another book and if so what can you tell us about it?"


                                    "I publish a book a month. I am presently working on my 2020 books."

                                    "How can I do that? You ask. Simple, I did nothing but write books and walk my dog for 10 years. Those were my prolific years. Now, I will write a couple of books each year, but mostly, I improve books I wrote back then and publish them."

                                     "I am always working on several books. I presently have 53 books on Amazon. I write in many different genre’s: Contemporary Romance/Suspense,  Contemporary Humor, Sci Fi Humor, Sci Fi Romance, A ten book Sleuth series: The Adventures of Xavier & Vic (Vic is a young woman, who dresses like a young man.),  Historical Romances, Paranormal, Leaving Earth series, and more."

Jason:                          "For those who want to read this book what is the easiest way they can buy "A Better Life"?"

Liza:                            "Buy it at Amazon":

Also check out all my other books at:


                   "Liza was motivated by her need to give her main character Angel the happy ending that she deserves.  Liza's work ethic is incredible.  I really appreciate how Liza gave us a great description of what happens to Angel in the previous Books so that if you decide to read "A Better Life" (Book 3 of the Angel's Trials) first you won't feel lost.  She knows her main character so well.  Add that with the excitement she shows while describing her book gives you an idea how much passion she put into it.  The Reader will easily feel it as they read it.  Thankfully for us the action is going to start on the very first page.  Click on the link above and buy "A Better Life" by Liza O' Connor."

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