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C. D'Angelo "The Difference" An Interview with C. D'Angelo by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                        C. D'ANGELO

                              "Great Authors have a story in them that needs to be told.  They can go years before realizing it.  They always had the talent.  It's usually a dream, an idea, or some kind of spark that wakes up a Passion inside of them that was always there.  Suddle hints of their talent with writing might be seen throughout school or fooling around in their notebook.  However once that story, idea, or that dream shows up in their mind they will never be the same.  Ideas will come together.  Pieces of the puzzle of their first book will begin to take form.  When the smoke clears there they are.  Great Authors.  Capable of making something out of nothing.  They mix their imagination with their ideas and organize all of their thoughts perfectly until they type The End.  C. D'Angelo is one of those great Authors.  She let us know what motivated her."

                                                                                                          Jason E. Foss

Jason:                         "What motivated you to write “The Difference”?"


                                     "I always loved writing, but actually never saw myself as an author. In 2012, I had a story come to me randomly that felt like it needed to be told. I easily had the story line within a short period of time, and then decided I needed to go for it! Part of my inspiration that year was that I became extremely interested in my Italian family genealogy and also that year was the centennial of the sinking of Titanic. That story always fascinated me, but in this year my interest was renewed and added to my thinking about how immigrants made it to the US in the early 1900s. The combination of both created a desire to create a fictional story that feels like the experience of many people’s family histories."

Jason:                            "Which character can you relate to the most and why?"


                                        "My primary character is named Rachel Granza and she has multiple aspects I see in myself, as well as circumstances I wish I had. There also is a flip side to her character that I am definitely glad I do not have though. But, my training and current day job is as a licensed mental health counselor and in my book I made Rachel a psychotherapist as well. She basically is a sweet person just trying to find fulfillment in her seemingly flawless life. Her search for meaning is one I think a lot of us can relate to, and something I had gone through in my own life in another manner than her. She’s strong and persistent, so I love representing women like Rachel."

Jason:                               "For your fans and book lovers, briefly describe “The Difference.”"


                                            "Rachel Granza had an ordinary upbringing and lived a life that would qualify to anyone as the “American Dream.” She had a career as a psychotherapist, a New York City apartment, and the most caring boyfriend a girl could ask for, but something remained missing from her seemingly picture perfect life. She struggled with an ever growing emptiness that resided inside her for years, affecting her relationships and internal peace. Stumbling upon the idea of learning about her Italian family’s history was the best accident of her life. She never knew where the path would lead, but ended up with more information than which she ever could conceive. This story of a young 30’s woman’s spiritual and physical journey speaks to one’s desire for meaning and purpose, while showing family bonds are unbreakable and everlasting."

Jason:                                   "Are you working on another book and if so can you share with us about it?"


                                               "“The Difference” is my debut novel and I will be seeking publishers by Summer 2019. I see a sequel possibility in the future, however. Stay tuned!"

 Jason:                                      "For those of us that want to buy your book, what is the easiest way to buy “The Difference”?"


                                                   "Right now, please follow me on social media and visit my website. I will keep the most up to date information on them for when you can buy “The Difference"."


Facebook Page: @C.DAngelo.Author.


Twitter: @CDAngeloAuthor.        


                    "C. D'Angelo was motivated by a story that came to her randomly in 2012 that she felt needed to be told.  Her interest in her Italian family genealogy along with the centennial of the sinking of the Titanic gave her the inspiration she needed.  My favorite thing about C. D'Angelo is how she describes her book.  It's genuine excitement for her book.  The way she let us know that this story needed to be told.  She needed to go for it!  I see it all the time and they all write with their own unique story but that passion and love for writing is always their.  Be certain that all that exciting energy and her desire and love of writing is going to resonate in this book.  Expect C. D'Angelo's words to come to life and take the Reader on a Journey as they read this story that needed to be told.  Follower this great Author by clicking on her links and she will give details on the release of her new book "The Difference"."

                                                                                 Jason E. Foss
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