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N.E. Teeuw "One Hundred Valentines" An Interview with N.E. Teeuw by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                      N.E. TEEUW

                   "Great Authors have something about their writing that gives the Reader a memorable experience.  Their words can cause someone who hasn't had many feelings about anything in a while to feel again.   They give a piece of themselves in each page.  N.E. Teeuw is one of those great Authors that can touch you with her words.  A sentence that can cause you to smile.  A short story to get you to miss someone.  A paragraph that makes you Reminisce.  Her words create feelings.  She'll paint a picture in your mind.  Piece by piece she gives you her all.  Nikki let us know what motivated her."

                                                                                                            Jason E. Foss

Jason:                        "What motivated you to write One Hundred Valentines?"


                                     "I had previously spent a lot of time as a singer/songwriter and had come to a point where I had lost my passion for songwriting and I just wasn't happy with what I was creating but I was still constantly writing and have always had the intense need to be creating art in some manner. I never had intended to write a book but I had all of these pieces that just manifested themselves into the book 'One Hundred Valentines'. It was never a planned thing. It just happened. And it just happened to begin at a period in my life where I wasn't on top of the world and was finished when I was at a much lighter and happier place so the book really does kind of follow that path with me. And though there are certainly some very autobiographical pieces in the book some are also observations, things friends have spoken of in their own relationships, etc, which I like to think allows the book to be relatable to most as there is something in there we have all gone through at some point in our life" 

Jason:                            "Which piece do you relate to the most?"


                                        "I think I relate the most to one of the prose at the end of the book called "the light", because it has a deep spiritual message about love and the love you hold inside yourself.  About my true understanding of the universe really."

Jason:                  "For your fans and book lovers briefly describe "One Hundred Valentines"   


                              "One Hundred Valentines" is a book of love and loss and everything in between.  It touches on the darkness and the light we feel in relationships and in life and the good and the bad moments in every aspect of love.  And mostly it is a book of self-discovery.  Filled with 100 poems and prose, the current edition is also complimented by beautiful artwork from Australian artist Marisa Listro.

Jason:                    "Are you working on another book and if so what can you tell us about it?


                                 "I am working on another book.  It is my first novel which I can't say too much about at the moment other than it is a completely different book from my first, probably more of a psychological mystery.  I am currently finishing the first draft but I cannot give much more away than that. 

Jason:                      "For those who want to read your book, what is the easiest way they can buy "One Hundred Valentines"?" 


                                     "My book is available on my website in both kindle and paperback.  The paperback is in high quality gloss for presentation purposes and so that the artwork maintains its beauty.

Links are at: or you can visit a direct Amazon kindle link 



                   "So as a Singer and a songwriter she reached a point in her life that she wasn't happy with what she was creating.  Thankfully she kept writing and when she was at a much happier place in her life she was motivated to take all of these unique pieces that worked perfectly together to create a memorable book.  What I like about this great Author is the way she gives the Reader her own experiences.  She also adds her observations and her friends experiences as well to make her book very relatable to the Reader.  This book shares with us all the different experiences we have felt with love and relationships. Go to the links above and buy "One Hundred Valentines"."

                                                                                                    Jason E. Foss
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