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Anthea Syrokou "True Colours" An Interview with Anthea Syrokou by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                ANTHEA SYROKOU

                               "Great Authors write original stories.  When someone reads their books the characters become as real as the people in their own lives.  It doesn't matter what the Reader may be going through the story is so descriptive that their imagination takes them away from it all.  The stress, the job.  You name it the power of a great book brings adventure in the lives of all of us.  Next thing you know you're trying new things in your own life.  You are so intrigued by the main character's growth as pages get turned and chapters are finished you feel like a part of you changed as well.  Anthea Syrokou is one of these great Authors.  She let us know what motivated her."

                                                                                                    Jason E. Foss

Jason:                                       "What motivated you to write "True Colours"?"


                                                  "Surprisingly, the idea to write True Colours entered my mind when I was sitting at the local hair salon. As I observed the atmosphere around me, I began to appreciate the fact that within the walls of the salon, and behind other shopfront windows, there are many stories to tell. It was almost like the hair salon, with all its noise and activity, and heartfelt conversation, was a microcosm of the larger outside world. I thought it would be wonderful to write a book that centres around a salon, situated in a charming, cosy street that is buzzing with creativity, eccentricity, and plenty of infectious energy."

                                                    "Growing up in Sydney, amongst many diverse streets that were lined with various unique and quirky shops, I often observed the activity around me; how the proprietors knew each other and their customers by name. I respect the solidarity and community vibe that exists in such streets — it’s almost magical. I wanted to encapsulate that positive energy; the magic, and that feeling of camaraderie."

                                                     "Reading classic literature also motivated me to write this novel. I was inspired by how delicately the romance between the characters was written in such books. It was often done in an implicit way; through the use of lovely prose, symbolisms, metaphors, and personification."

Jason:                                        "What characteristic of Tess can you relate to the most and why?"


                                                     "I can relate to the fact that Tess loves books. In fact, she immerses herself in many of the classics, ranging from Charlotte Bronte to Betty Smith. Due to this, she tends to live in her own mind a lot. As a reader and an author, I can definitely relate."

                                                      "She is always striving to evolve — to find beauty in life, and yearns to capture the romance and beauty that she reads about. Reading introduces Tess to many colourful and interesting worlds. Her yearning for something extraordinary rather than ordinary makes her a non-conformist and a quiet rebel. I can see this characteristic within myself. I relate to her private longing for storms — for surging waves and wild horses; to have a break from sunshine and tranquillity."

Jason:                                        "For your fans and book lovers briefly describe "True Colours"."


                                                    "True Colours is a contemporary “finding yourself” sweet romance. The protagonist is twenty-six-year-old Tess Harrington. Tess works in a hair salon she part-owns with her friend Pamela, which is located in a street full of culture, art, and plenty of tea and coffee. Tess has so much passion and love for books and old things, but can’t seem to find the same passion and love in real life, so she gives up looking for it."

                                                     "This delightful street comes to life with a diverse range of witty, likeable, and not-so-likeable characters, as the reader follows Tess on her quest to finally live the colourful life she reads about. True Colours has a sweet, romantic, magical vibe to it which is reminiscent of nostalgic films and books of long ago."

Jason:                                        "Are you working on another book and if so what can you tell us about it?"


                                                   "I’m currently working on the 3rd book in the Julie & Friends series. The first two books in the series are: Eventually Julie, and The Greek Tapestry. This book will primarily be set in Sydney, as well as the Barossa Valley in South Australia which is a popular wine region I had the pleasure of visiting. I had fallen in love with the vineyards and the region’s rich German history. I thought it would be an ideal setting for a book."

Jason:                                       "For those that want to read your book what is the easiest way they can buy "True Colours"?"


                                                   "Readers can find my books via my author website where the main online stores are listed"


Readers can also ask for my books in many local bookshops around the world, and they can also ask to borrow either book at their local library.

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                                      "To all the readers who have already read my books, and to anyone who is planning to read them, I am extremely grateful!"


                  "Anthea Syrokou was motivated by sitting in the local hair salon.  She took the amazing energy that she witnessed in the salon and outside of it and created a world of her own.  My favorite thing about Anthea is how she created a main character who found passion in the books that she read but could not find that same passion in her own life, so she gives up looking for it.  Then the street comes alive and she finally gets a taste of a colorful life she has always read about.  This is so Powerful.  Most of us sometimes seek more out of life.  We would love some adventure.  It's books like this that spark something in all of us to open our eyes to all that life has to offer.  There is an adventure awaiting you right around the corner and sometimes it is right in front of your face. These are the books that after you read it you walk away ready to start an adventure of your own. Click on the link above and buy "True Colours"."

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