Sunday, February 24, 2019

Sandra Cox "Queen of Diamonds" An Interview with Sandra Cox by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                   SANDRA COX

                                              "Great Authors take you on a ride with your mind.   Just when you're convinced the story is going to go a certian way ten pages later they give you so many surprises that you are glued to every line.  They master the imagination and lock into yours.  Readers love them because these great books add spice and adventure and breaks up the monotonous of every day living.  Their amazing creativity gives us just what we need one chapter at a time.  Sandra Cox is one of these great Authors.  She let us know what motivated her."

                                                                                                      Jason E. Foss

Jason:                                    "What motivated you to write "Queen Of Diamonds"?"


                                                "I’ve been enamored of jewel thief themes since Cary Grant’s TO CATCH a THIEF and Robert Wagner’s TV series IT TAKES a THIEF and thought it would be fun to write one. It was."

Jason:                                       "What characteristic of Kendall can you relate to the most and why?"


                                                   "Her love of family. I think anyone who is a mother or has a close relationship with their mother will be able to relate to Kendall. Though, hopefully they approach their responsibilities a bit different than she has."

Jason:                                         "For your fans and book lovers briefly describe "Queen Of Diamonds"."


                                                     "Logan Hunter is a bestselling author with a penchant for the ladies. Kendall Theron, his efficient publicist, is prim and colorless—at least on the surface. Beneath the proper facade is a woman who will do anything to protect her family, even if it’s not quite legal. Kendall, knowing her boss’s propensity for the fair sex, has replicated herself into a lady who should hold no appeal for the charismatic charmer she works for. She’s even added a Mrs. in front of her name for an extra layer of protection. If her boss ever turns those sharp eyes on her, if his curiosity is unleashed and he digs up her secrets, the results could mean jail time. It’s taken Logan Hunter nearly three years to discover there’s more to his employee than meets the eye. An unplanned kiss that ignites them both has him looking at his publicist in a whole new light. He soon learns that the woman he thought he knew doesn’t exist, her persona an illusion. Everything she’s told him is a lie and he’s determined to find out why."

Jason:                                         "Are you working on another book and if so what can you tell us about it?"


                                                     "Actually, I’m working on three: a western, a western-romance and a shapeshifter. It keeps my muse on her toes instead of vacationing on me."

Jason:                                            "For those that want to read your book what is the easiest way to buy "Queen Of Diamonds"."


                                                                              "It’s available at Amazon."


                                                            Thank you so much for having me today, Jason.


                                          "Sandra Cox was motivated by Cary Grant and Robert Wagner's work about Thieves.  My favorite thing about her is how she gave credit to these creative people for inspiring this new book she wrote.  She could easily take full credit but as you can see she is just having fun creating quality books for her fans.  She does it the right way and her books have not disappointed us yet.  So if you are looking for a book that is captivating and characters that keep you locked into the story this one is for you.  Click on the link above and buy "Queen of Diamonds".

                                                                                          Jason E. Foss
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  1. Jason, Thank you so much for having me on your wonderful blog. The name says it all, doesn't it? We're all...Dreamers.

    1. Thank you Sandra! I agree! It was a Pleasure and an Honor Interviewing you my Friend!...