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Lara Bernhardt "The Haunting Of Crescent Hotel" An Interview with Lara Bernhardt by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                LARA BERNHARDT

                     "Great Authors have a talent for creating a story that no one has done before.  They specialize in originality.  Their readers love them and enjoy their books because they know that it will be different each time.  They write about what they are passionate about or about the great idea that they can't stop thinking about.  Their great ideas stay on their mind until they bring it to life with their words.  Readers that are passionate about certain genres look for Authors that share in that same passion.  So when someone is intrigued about the Paranormal one of the great Authors that they look for is Lara Bernhardt.  She let us know what motivated her."

                                                                                                      Jason E. Foss

Jason:                          "What motivated you to write "The Hauntimg Of Crescent Hotel"?"


                                     "I have always been fascinated with the idea of paranormal activity. I had an idea for a number of short ghost stories but ultimately decided full novels would be more satisfying. I developed the idea of a series, focused on a paranormal investigator who can connect with spirits - The Wantland Files. It's best described as a cross between The X-Files and Ghost Hunters. Each book focuses on one investigation. I stayed at Crescent Hotel - "America's Most Haunted Hotel" - and loved steeping myself in both the history and the ghost lore. My mind started churning with ideas for setting a story there. And hotel owner, Elise Roenigk, graciously gave her blessing.

Jason:                           "What characteristic of Kimberly's can you relate to the most and why?


                                   "I've been asked if I am more similar to Kimberly or to Sterling. And honestly I think the characters represent different aspects of myself. I have experienced some inexplicable things in my life. Some people have suggested I am a "sensitive." I like exploring the idea of truly knowing (or believing) that you can interact with spiritual entities in this world. But I also find myself, like Sterling, explaining the experiences away and finding alternative rationale for what happened. Sterling is the Scully to Kimberly's Mulder. I think I most relate to Kimberly's drive to use her skills to help other people - people with nowhere else to turn. We should all aspire to use our talents to help others."

Jason:                        "For your fans and book lovers briefly describe "The Haunting Of Crescent Hotel"."


                                   "Kimberly Wantland never needed anyone, especially not Sterling Wakefield, the arrogant if charming debunker of all things supernatural. Now he’s her cohost and she’s forced to adapt as The Wantland Files crew investigates Crescent Hotel, the Most Haunted Hotel in America. Crescent always teemed with spirits, but a new presence is terrorizing the guests. He says only one word: Revenge."

                                    "Kimberly must determine what the malevolent spirit wants and exorcise it from the hotel. Determined to use her gifts to help those who have nowhere else to turn, Kimberly refuses to give up whatever the cost."

                                    "Only one thing is certain—Kimberly is running out of time to purge this nightmarish fury. That is, unless she's ready to join the ghosts of Crescent Hotel."

Jason:                        "Are you working on another book and if so what can you tell us about it?"


                                   "I am working on the third book in The Wantland Files series. This one brings Kimberly and her team to Guthrie, Oklahoma to investigate a little girl with a mysterious illness. Doctors can't determine the cause. The family experiences some disturbances in their home. The girl's parents call on Kimberly, fearful a demon is targeting their family and testing their faith. Not everyone welcomes Kimberly and her psychic abilities to the neighborhood, however.  I also write women's fiction. My first novel in that genre, Shadow of the Taj, will release this summer. It delves into human trafficking in India. This book was truly a passion project for me and I'm thrilled it's finally found a publisher."

Jason:                         "For those that want to read your book what is the easiest way to buy "The Haunting Of Crescent Hotel"?"


                                    "The Wantland Files and The Haunting of Crescent Hotel are both available on Amazon."



                                     "Lara Bernhardt has always been fascinated by Paranormal activity and it motivated her to write her novel.  My favorite thing about Lara is that she is driven to use her skills to help other people.  Another thing that stands out to me is how she reached out to the owner of the Hotel she wrote about to get approval first.  As I learned over the years Readers share some of the same passions as Authors.  So Readers intrigued by Haunted Houses and Paranormal activity love that Lara Bernhardt slept at "Americas Most Haunted Hotel".  She also loves to give them authentic experiences when they read her books.  The X-Files and Ghost Humters are some of the best Sci-Fi and Paranormal shows on television.  Finally there is an Author that brings you the best of both worlds.  Click on the link below and buy "The Hauntimg Of Crescent Hotel".

                                                                                           Jason E. Foss
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