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Elise Bellew "Wonderland" An Interview with Elise Bellew by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                 ELISE BELLEW

                                    "Someone meets this amazing person.  She likes this guy that had the perfect words to say.  They both are laughing and joking about some of the same shows that they both like.  Their stuck on the line to a show and both of their group of friends couldn't make it.  During the show they both decided to sit next to each other.  They almost even held hands during the show.  At the end of the night they are walking towards the exit and their are both smiling and walking slowly.  An awkward moment but the greatest most awkward moment of their lives.  The guy says "Can I borrow your back?"  She smiles awkwardly and says "Sure."  He writes his number on a piece of paper from his Jacket and hands it to her as he opens the door to her Uber.  As the Uber drives off there he is in the middle of the street behind the Uber waving at her.  She waves back and wouldn't turn around until he was out of sight.  And then it happens.  A new song on the radio about meeting a guy for the first time and how he is the one.  And she became in love with the song the same time she may have fell in love with 'the one'.  A great Music Artist.  They can turn a great night into a perfect one.  Elise Bellew is one of those great music Artists.  She let us know what motivated her."

                                                                                                             Jason E. Foss

Jason:                         "What motivated you to create such a great EP "Wonderland"?"


                                     "I don’t ever really set out to make a record or EP. Instead, I live for each song as they “happen”... I should clarify here that I don’t intentionally “write songs” either - they come to me in my sleep and then I develop them upon waking. Eventually, when I feel I have a large enough collection of songs, and that a specific “era” of my life has been sufficiently represented, I will then pick out the best songs for an album or EP. Typically, the title of the album will be whatever song feels like it represents the collection as a whole – a song that can make a statement that’s bigger than the song can make on its own. For this EP, there are two songs in particular that I consider “companion pieces” – Wonderland and The Forest. Both songs are about a very personal journey I had been on for several years. Wonderland is about that journey using the metaphor of Alice in Wonderland, while The Forest represents the darker side of the journey, using being lost in the forest as the metaphor."

Jason:                           "You have such a unique sound and an incredible voice. Out of the songs on this EP do you have a favorite or one that means the most to you and why?"


                                      "Yes I do. As I mentioned, Wonderland and The Forest are very important songs to me, however, the last song on the EP entitled “Sad Song” is actually the song that felt most urgent for me to release. Although the melody was written in my sleep, the lyrics were born out of one painful night, so it begins with some very sad and personal emotions. However, the song expands out into more worldly concepts that transform it into a song for everyone. I also enjoyed taking the choruses in a bittersweet, almost happy direction. This juxtaposition between sadness and uplifting is something I have done in the past with my previous band The Mary Dream. I’ve always enjoyed working with the color of bittersweet. Bryan Steele (my DIY producer) and I, also intentionally steered the song to have a trance-like effect to create a more introspective space for the listener."

Jason:                            "It is so nice to see someone with such a great look and amazing talent to get the success that she deserves. What is your favorite experience so far where you had to take a step back and say to yourself, "Wow, I made it!"


                                       "The path of the indie artist is so very different than the path of a mainstream artist… So I think my definition of “making it” is very different than what you might expect. When you’re an indie artist, pretty much everything you do is DIY. There’s no magical record company to come along and pay for everything. You have to find a way to do it all yourself. Because of this, just making and releasing a record becomes an amazing accomplishment of almost insurmountable proportions. So I have “made it” because I’ve successfully put out five records thus far – three with The Mary Dream and two as a solo artist. I’ve experienced incredible fulfillment and artistic satisfaction at the completion of each one of these projects. So the fact that I’ve found a way to make and release music on my own means that I’ve “made it” – quite literally : )"

Jason:                            "What advice would you give to someone that is inspired by your career and would love to make their dreams come true?"


                                       "The most important advice I can give is don’t wait for a record company or any other music industry professional to magically come along and turn you into a recording artist. A true artist does not wait to make art. They make it NOW because they can’t live without it. It is a burning desire in one’s heart and soul. Do the research. Find out everything you can about how to be the best musician, songwriter, singer – whatever your musical passion – that you can be. Learn how to become a successful indie artist first, and then if something happens with the mainstream music industry down the road, then that’s something you can evaluate if and/or when that happens."

Jason:                             "For your fans and music lovers what is the easiest way they can buy "Wonderland"?"


                                        “Wonderland” is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and all places digital. I also sell autographed hard copies on my website. Below are some links:


















                             "Elise Bellew is motivated to write great songs as they come to her in her sleep.  Then she develops them when she wakes.  She gives great advice to those that want to create music and that is not to wait for someone to come along and magically appear and make your dreams come true.  Instead find out how to do it on your own.  Thankfully we live in a time where if you look hard enough you can find the resources to chase your dreams.  So if you are chasing your dreams take Elise Bellew's advice and start now!  Ask questions.  Read books.  Don't wait for someone else.  The power is in you this very moment.  Elise has amazing songs for music lovers everywhere to enjoy!  Click on the Link above and buy "Wonderland".

                                                                                      Jason E. Foss
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