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Lauren Berg "A Memoir To Remember" An Interview with Lauren Berg by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                  LAUREN BERG

                                               "Great Authors have a way with words.  They write with a Purpose and they let us into their world.  Whether it is an amazing book or their blog that keeps us up to date with their life and their creativity it becomes a part of our life!  Their adventures become our adventures.  Before they were great Authors they were great Writers.  They give us great content time and time again.  Their stories help us to live our own life story.  Always making us think.  Building a connection with us through their words every time.  Lauren Berg is one of the best.  She let us know what motivated her."

                                                                                                     Jason E. Foss

Jason:                                    "What motivated you to start your memoir work in progress?"


                                                "My memoir is based on a life-changing event that happened to me a little over two years ago. It’s a bit of a wild story (I’ll share more below). But I’ve always believed in the healing power of writing, so the past couple years I’ve been recording everything that happened and how I have processed it. I’m using that writing as a springboard to launch a memoir that hopefully would be inspiring, gripping, and empowering to others who have dealt with trauma of different kinds."

Jason:                                      "For your fans and book lovers briefly describe your memoir work in progress."


                                                   "In 2016 I was living abroad in Kaikoura, New Zealand when I experienced a really big earthquake. I mean, REALLY BIG. It was a 7.8 on the Richter scale, two-minute-long quake that woke me up in the middle of the night, and I listened to the sound of my home being destroyed. There’s a lot more to it: the shock, the evacuation, the helplessness, and the dramatic return to America. Much of it boils down to losing a home, and that feeling of life being out of control and all the emotions and processing that comes with that. However, I don’t want this memoir to be just about me and my experience and processing; I want it to be a story others can relate to and use as a tool to process their own moments of trauma, where they felt out of control. So it has a lot of potential, and I’m excited about it! But it’s definitely still got a ways to go in the organization and writing process."

Jason:                                         "If there was one quote that helped you get to the success that you reached, what would it be?"


                                                     "My favorite poem is Wendell Berry’s “The Mad Farmer Liberation Front.” It ends with the line “practice resurrection.” How do you do that, practice death and rebirth? There are times in my life where even though a season has come to an end I don’t want to let go of it, to let go of the past. That’s definitely been true of my time living in New Zealand. In writing about that experience and putting words to paper, I feel like I am finally allowing myself to say goodbye to that time and say hello to the new life that awaits me now. I’m practicing resurrection."

Jason:                                         "Can you briefly tell us about your second work in progress?"


                                                    "Absolutely! In my spare creative time, I came up with a children’s picture book about a lost migrating robin that meets other robins around the world. I love the idea of expanding kids’ ideas of what a robin might mean to different people and telling a fun and heart-warming story in the process (it has a happy ending!). This project is especially exciting to me because many of my friends are pregnant and having babies, so it’s just a fun time in general. And what better baby gift to give than a book I wrote? Diapers obviously. So I’ll be giving them a book and diapers."

Jason:                                        "For those that would love to stay connected to you, how can they support you?"


                                                    "I have a blog! You can read my thoughts on living abroad, living in community, and ways I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone at Or follow me on twitter @lberg845, and I’ll keep you updated on my new writing ventures there."


                                                   "Laurn Berg is motivated by a life-changing event that happened to her a little over two years ago.  Thankfully for us she decided to take this horrific experience of an earthquake that was 7.8 on the Richter scale and use it to help others.  She inspires us and gives us this feeling like we can always start over.  We can always decide to create a brand new life.  My favorite thing about Lauren Berg is how she lets us into her life through her blogs and her words.  Her memoir will do the same.  It will inspire us to appreciate the New Beginnings in our lives.  To let go of the things in the past that no longer serve you.  And like some powerful words in her favorite poem "practice resurrection" .  Click on the link above and get to know Lauren berg her new writing ventures."

                                                                                          Jason E. Foss
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