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Jean Wiley "Her Passion Is Story" An Interview with Jean Wiley

                                                                                       JEAN WILEY

                              "You don't have to have a book out to be a great Writer.  All you need is the Passion for it and a great idea that you truly believe in.  I love getting to know great Authors and finding out about what motivates them.  I also like getting to know the ones that are working on their book.  They have a passion for writing and they use it to make a difference just because.  One of these great Writers is Jean Wiley.  She is very talented and she touches a lot of lives and her hard work can sometimes get overlooked and stay under the radar.  So today she was happy enough to share with us her Passion and also give us a sneak peek at what she's been working on."

                                                                                                Jason E. Foss

Jason:                    "What's your Passion?"


                               "My passion is story. It's that simple. Storytelling is powerful. People are reached more directly through their hearts than by logic and argument. Once when working on a strategic plan for a school district where I worked, I advocated for using the power of personal stories in our efforts to win hearts and minds of our clients. This was a specialized school district that offered tailored, low incidence services to a dozen other member public school districts, so we always needed their wholehearted support."

Jason:                    "If you had to choose just one quote that helped you achieve your goals what would it be?"


                               "If I were to choose one quote it would have to be that wonderful poem by Langston Hughes, "Dreams." It helps me always remember that a life without pursuit of dreams is "a broken-winged bird."

Jason:                       "What is one goal you would love to achieve by the end of the year?"


                                  "I have two specific goals I would like to achieve by the end of this year. One is to become represented by a literary agent who can shepherd me through the business of publishing. The second goal is to finish the first draft and begin editing my current work in progress novel."

Jason:                       "Are you working on a book and if so what can you share with us about it?"

                                 "My work in progress is a contemporary YA realistic novel. There are serious mother/daughter issues leading to mom abandoning her daughter a mere week before high school graduation, with a grandfather she didn't know existed, on an Iowa farm. Abandoned by her mom, and a father who has never been in her life, Nora aches to know why everyone leaves her. Trying to find her place while building a fledgling relationship with Gramp, Nora unearths clues to the identity of her birth father. She must pursue this. Her summer becomes a road trip, traveling cross country, to find some of the answers she needs."

Jason:                         "For those that would love to keep up with your work what is the name of your blog?"


                                     "I do try to blog occasionally as a way to explore my thoughts about many things of interest to me. Anything from writing, to gardening and cooking, to reflections on travels, or random thoughts about life and politics (politics being such a major part of the current American scene). My musings can be found here."



                                     "Jean Wiley's Passion is story.  The power of storytelling and how it can touch someone far better then logic.  What I like about Jean Wiley is she has an original book idea and she has a goal to achieve it and is taking action.  She encourages others to pursue their dreams.  We all have talent and a passion however life gets in the way and sometimes we don't have the time to figure out what it is we are passionate about.  Thankfully we are able to connect with Jean Wiley who reminds us that it is worth taking the time to figure out what your passions are.  Keep an eye out for this great Writer.  Click on the link above and check out her blog."

                                                                                          Jason E. Foss
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