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Nina Romano "The Girl Who Loved Cayo Bradley" An Interview with Nina Romano by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                     NINA ROMANO

                                       "Great Authors are always dedicated to giving you their very best.  They know what they are writing about and they are so accurate about their knowledge of that time that Readers can almost start to believe the story they wrote really happened.  They know their characters like the back of their hand and each chapter builds the Reader up and never lets them down.  Nina Romano is one of these Great Authors.  She let us know what motivated her."

                                                                                                      Jason E. Foss

Jason:                           "What motivated you to write "The Girl Who Loved Cayo Bradley"?"


                                      "I always wanted to pen a novel that takes place in the Wild West to cull from my knowledge of  the history and geography of settling the US American Frontier. I’ve had, since childhood, a great interest in and about our diverse Native-American cultures.  My desire to write comes from my youth because I lived among great story-tellers—my grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles.
My Grandfather and my Dad were both avid fans and fascinated with Indians, cowboys, pioneering and the development of the American West. Naturally, my inclination always moved in that same direction. They read about pioneers, prairies, deserts, mesas, plateaus, rivers, mountains, valleys, etc. They watched movies set in Western culture about gunfighters and gamblers, about gentrified folk and bandits. These two family members were totally spellbound, and their knowledge and interest rubbed off on me!"

Jason:                              "What character can you relate to most and why?"


                                         "I relate mostly to Cayo Bradley. You may think, ah, well, she’s got that all wrong and should relate to Darby because she’s a woman. I do, however, although not to the extent of Cayo. He suffers agony, trials, desperation, and the process of redemption and growth. All of the adversity he endures, many women live through—despite the fact they are widely diverse situations than Cayo’s. I’m sure they’ll grasp his plight, hardships, and misfortune, in the same way that I do."

Jason:                             "For your readers and book lovers briefly describe The Girl Who Loved Cayo Bradley"


                                         "This novel is completely different than my previous trilogy—those novels certainly are historical, as is this one, however, two of them were set on foreign soil—one in Asia and one in Europe. This novel is homegrown on good old American soil, set between New Mexico and Missouri in 1874. The story involves history, geography, and cultures of the west I studied and have come to love. From the title, you can deduce that it’s a love story, and one where I write about two disparate people falling in love and I, as the writer, am privy to seeing the relationship develop and get to fall in love, too!"

"Here’s the official blurb for THE GIRL WHO LOVED CAYO BRADLEY"

                                            "When Darby McPhee falls in love with Cayo Bradley, a wild cowboy from a nearby ranch, her world is ripped apart. Caught in a lifeless existence of caring for her father and brothers since her mother’s death, Darby does little else but work. But a death-bed promise to her mother to get her education now stands in the way of her heart’s desire to belong to the rough-and-tumble Cayo Bradley."

                                            "Darby is Cayo’s redemption from a horrific act in his past that torments him. After being captured as a young boy by the Jicarilla Apache, he now tries to settle back into white society—but how can he? If he loses Darby, he loses everything."

                                             "Darby is determined to keep her promise to her mother, but will Cayo wait for her? In this stunning tale of love and loss, Darby comes to understand that no matter what happens, she will always be THE GIRL WHO LOVED CAYO BRADLEY."

 Jason:                                  "Are you working on another book and if so what can you tell us about it?"


                                               "My current work-in-progress is set in Russia, and I’m confessing it here, that I don’t know what I’m doing precisely, yet I’m enjoying every misstep along the way! This novel is a huge diversion and change from my previous works. Why? I decided to challenge myself to write what I’d never have dared to dream of writing before—a mystery/thriller/suspense novel! I recently returned from a trip to Russia last autumn. I’d been to Russia before, and I’ve studied Russian history and admit, I was enthralled with it!"

Jason:                                     "What is your ultimate dream for this novel?"


                                                  "My wish, my hope, and my prayer for this novel would be for a copy of it to somehow find its way to John Fusco’s door. So he’d read and write it as a screenplay to develop into a motion picture—as only he, master of the art, can visualize."

Jason:                                        "For those that want to read you book what’s the easiest way to pre-order The Girl Who Loved Cayo Bradley?"

Nina:                                         "The Book is on Amazon and here is the Link":


                                                                             Author Links:

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                                             "Nina Romano always wanted to write a Novel that takes place in the Wild Wild West.  Her knowledge of those times will give this story pin point accuracy guaranteeing the Reader will experience this story as if they lived in the same time frame.  My favorite thing about Nina is how she can relate to Cayo Bradley and the process of redemption and growth.  She inspires us that you can always come back from any failures and gradually learn and grow and rebuild yourself gaining new chapters of positive change and success.  Nina's fans read her books because she knows how to blend accuracy and knowledge with creativity and the imagination.  She achieves this time and time again and this novel is no different.  Click on the link above and buy "The Girl Who Loved Cayo Bradley"."

                                                                                          Jason E. Foss
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