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Julie & Cynthia "2 Blondes Media Management" An Interview with Julie & Cynthia by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                  JULIE & CYNTHIA
                                                                  (2 BLONDES MEDIA MANAGEMENT)

                     "Great Authors have the ability to create a story that connects with us from the beginning of a book to its very end.  Lets not forget about the talented and creative blondes that have a lot of their backs.  There is so much work that comes along with being an Indie Author.  Any one that thinks there is a magic wand that you aim at your goal and poof your successful is hugely mistaken.  There is work, work, and more work.  And after that repeat.  That's when Julie & Cynthia, the creators of '2 Blondes Management' comes in to lighten the load.  They let us know what motivated them."

                                                                                                                Jason E. Foss

Jason:                                        "What motivated you to create "2 Blondes Media Management"?"

J & C:

                                                   "We were helping our husband and father,  Author Michael Allen Scott with his social media presence.  We discovered that other Indie Authors can use our services.   Social Media can take up a lot of time, which is time away from writing, what they do best.

Jason:                                          "You both look like you're having fun working together.  What is your favorite thing about being able to help so many people take their business to the next level?"


                                                     "Yes, we do have a lot of fun!  We're a mother and daughter team that work really well together.  Two blondes are way better than one!!  Also, we love to see Indie Authors flourishing and prospering.  We're constantly looking for ways to help them sell more books.

Jason:                                          "For your fans,  clients, and people that would like to know more about you two, briefly describe what you both do for your clients."


                                                    "We're a boutique firm that specializes in personalized services for indie Authors.   We provide a wide range of services from e-mail account management to  Twitter and Facebook account management.   It all depends on what their individual needs are.

Jason:                                         "What was that moment while working together where the two of you looked at eachother and realized that your business was not only working but it was helping a lot of people.


                                                   "Great feedback from our clients are always fulfilling.  We keep statistics on our various activities and love to see our stats going up.

Jason:                                        "For those that would love to work with you what is the best way to contact you and pay for your services?


                                                  "You can always email Julie at  We can answer your questions and decide if our service is right for you.  Our website is  We're in the process of getting it updated, but it can give you some basic information about some of the services that we have.


                       "Julie & Cynthia were motivated while helping their husband and father, Author Michael Allen Scott.  After all their help was proven successful they realized that they had a talent for helping Indie Authors to keep their energy and time focused on writing.  While their Author clients see the difference writing is without the business side lurking in the back of their mind these 2 blondes keep them organized and up to date with everything else their services provide.  What a great feeling to be working on chapters and meeting the deadlines you set for yourself knowing all of your emails are answered and up to date.  If you are an Indie Author and you sometimes feel overwhelmed managing your emails and your response time on Social Media.  If find yourself gettjng backed up and possibly missing out on opportunities this need not be the case.  Email Julie at or click on the link to their website above and find out if '2 Blondes Media Management' services is right for you.  If you are a fit, rest assured they are going to give you 100% of their efforts as they did for their family when they first started!

                     .                                                                     Jason E. Foss
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