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Chariss K. Walker "A Beginner's Guide To Releasing Trapped Emotions" An Interview with Chariss K. Walker by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                CHARISS K. WALKER

                "Great Authors all share the ability to touch you with a great story.  Stories that you can relate to.  Some of their stories can expand your imagination.  Then there are some Great Authors that decide to touch you in a different way.  Not with a story but with healing.  When you are not in the mood to read an amazing story because you have something in the back of your mind that's bothering you.  That is when it's time to pick up one of Chariss K. Walker's Books.  Chariss was able to let us know what motivated her to write a book that can help one in their personal life instead of deciding to write another great story."

                                                                                                Jason E. Foss

   Jason:                    "What motivated you to write "A Beginner's Guide To Releasing Trapped Emotions"?"


                   "As a Reiki Master/Teacher, I am interested in many healing modalities, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Magnetic Therapy, Chakra Balancing and Healing, Meditation, and Releasing Trapped Emotions. Really, I'm interested in anything that brings healing and well-being to the body, mind, and soul. Through my service to others, I studied various works to increase my understanding of how trapped emotions hinder our personal and spiritual growth. After trying a few of those techniques, it was through meditation that I received guidance on a different technique - one that didn't require any special tools other than visualization. This is the technique I teach in the Going Deeper 6-book series. For the reader's convenience, I will list the titles in that series below"

A Beginner's Guide to Releasing Trapped Emotions, Book 1

Release Chakra Trapped Emotions, Book 2

Release Common Disease Trapped Emotions, Book 3

Release Hindrances to Success, Book 4

Release Body System Trapped Emotions, Book 5

Release Mental Blocks, Book 6

                       "The entire series can be found at this link:
The purest motivation for writing his series came from my desire to reach a much larger audience and help more people. I try to give back because I have received so much in my own personal growth. In fact, I have an eBook that I give as a free gift to all who are burdened by the pain of suffering. It is available to everyone at this link or on my website under the 'free ebooks" tab."

Jason:            "Writing 6 Books that help many people to deal with Trapped Emotions, what made you want to help others to overcome something like this?"


                            "It's simply who I am, Jason. I am a helper, a light bringer, a healer, a teacher. Through my writings, I teach others. If I were to hold a class, there might be 10 to 20 people who could attend due to various factors and limitations. A book can reach a multitude. A book can be read at one's leisure, in the privacy of the home, and when one can dedicate the time needed to invest in their personal and spiritual growth. A reader can take one of my books on holiday or vacation and dig into the meat of it while relaxed and refreshed. Most of my nonfiction books are not light reading. They are designed to prod a person into self-reflection, to examine the concepts taught. Most of my nonfiction books make a person "think." If they don't want to question their worldview or learn something new, then they've come to the wrong author."

Jason:               "Briefly describe what it is to be a Reiki Master?

                          "Reiki is the transference of ki, qi, positive energy from teacher to student or from healer to the one desiring to be healed. The positive energy goes where it is most needed in order to heal the areas of the body that are depleted of energy. In the broadest sense of the term, it is the "laying on of hands" as various religions use the terminology because the energy is passed through the palm chakras to the individual. However, Reiki is for everyone and there are no restrictions as to who may use it or receive it other than a true desire to be of service and to "do no harm."

                           "A Reikie Master has completed four degrees of Reiki whereas "Reiki I" has completed the first degree, "Reiki II" has completed the first and second degrees, and so on. Beginning with the first degree, the student of Reiki has received the gift of energy transference and can transfer that energy to others in a healing capacity, but they have not yet received the transference tools to initiate a student into Reiki. A Reiki Master/Teacher has completed all degrees required which enables her/him to also initiate students into Reiki."

Jason:                  "Do you have any new books in the works.  If so, what can you tell us about it?


                             "I write both nonfiction and fiction books, Jason, and it seems there is always another book on the horizon from me. My nonfiction books share my teachings which are inspired by years of study and practice. These books are almost like taking a course with me. I even leave room in the paperback books for the reader's notes and thoughts. If one looks me up on Goodreads:

they will see that I have written 41 works to date. About half of those works are nonfiction on the topics of chakras, spiritual gifts, healing, visualization, and letting go of pain plus the Going Deeper 6-book series which teaches a new method of releasing trapped emotions."

                             "My fiction books also share many metaphysical and visionary insights as my characters learn to accept who they are and who they must become in life. The Vision Chronicles 8-book series tells Mike Lewis's story as he struggles with the ability to see visions. He resists his gift for many years and the fear of his ability has caused him to be reluctant to embrace life, to go after the thing he desires most - a family. Throughout the eight books, he begins to accept his mystical ability and, as he does, his life changes for the better. My fiction books are about transformation as it pertains to personal and spiritual growth. Some of my fiction books are thrillers and supernatural suspense. These books may share dark topics that many of us don't want to examine, but there is always the aspect of a character's development and acceptance."

                             "My current fiction project is to complete a new cozy mystery series about a young medium who lives in Asheville, North Carolina. The series, Becky Tibbs: A North Carolina Medium's Mystery Series currently has three books (A Medium's Birthday Surprise, Book 1: A Medium's Thanksgiving Table, Book 2; and the newest release, A Medium's Christmas Gift, Book 3). I am currently writing A Medium's Valentine's Day. This series is a light, airy read about life after death and how our beliefs affect that very experience." 

Jason:                  "For those book lovers that would love to read one of your books, what's the easiest way they can buy "A Beginner's Guide To Releasing Trapped Emotions"?"


                              "For readers who wish to find me, here are my social media coordinates as well as a link to The Going Deeper Series:
My website:

                               "I encourage everyone to follow me on these sites and get to know me better."


                   "It was Chariss's interest in healing others that motivated her to write a 6 Book Series.  So when you feel like opening up but you don't feel like sharing your thoughts with someone else click on the link above and buy "A Beginner's Guide To Releasing Trapped Emotions"."

                                                                                    Jason E. Foss
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