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Jessica Mayo "Fern's Grounding" An Interview with Jessica Mayo by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                             JESSICA MAYO
                "One thing I noticed as I find out what motivates great Author's to write the way they do is they all seem to share two similar qualities.  They are unique and their work is original.  One of these Authors proves that point when I literally asked her what her writing style was and she answered, "I guess you would call it Jessi's style?"  I loved that answer.  Jessica Mayo is an example of a great Author that has a style of her own.  She was nice enough to let us in on what motivates her."

                                                                                                                             Jason E. Foss

Jason:                  What motivates you to write?


                             "I want to share my stories with the world. I want to be able to reach even one person and elicit some emotional response from them. Whether it be a laugh, happiness, sadness, or even anger at something unjust. Emotions are a beautiful thing to me, and I feel that words and emotions go hand in hand. If you think about it, you can say the same word, with a different inflection, and receive a different emotional response. The combinations are endless!"

Jason:                   "Your poems and short stories leave the readers wanting more. Describe your writing style and what inspired you to write this way?"


                               "I honestly am not sure what you would call my writing style? Heh, I have read a lot of different Author’s and I know each have their own style, sooo, I guess you would call it Jessi’s style? I like things to flow well, and I know if I am reading something, and the flow gets messed up for me, it pulls me out of the immersion of the story."

Jason:                     "You are very creative with your writing. Are you able to share with us anything about the novel you are working on?"


                                   "I am actually working on a couple at the moment. I know, I know! Why?! When I get a story idea in my head, I have to write down at least some of it, or I will lose the feel of how I wanted it. The project I am most focused on currently, is called "Fern’s Grounding". It is set 500 years after humans have left the ground to live in their ‘sky-cities’. One young woman and her ‘Creator’ friend escape from their sky-city to descend to the land below. Believing that humans have not lived or walked on the ground in 500 years, they are quickly surprised to find they are not alone. I don’t want to give anything else away! You will just have to wait till it is finished!"

Jason:                         "Your website is well done. Who/What inspired you to create your website?"


                                     "Thank you! Honestly, it was looking at another writer’s website that inspired me to do the same. I wanted to be able to share some of my writing with those who wanted to read it also. If you haven’t heard of R.F. Hurteau (@RFHurteau) and WB Welch (@authorwbwelch, both are on Twitter) you should really check them and their stuff out. They have been a tremendous help to me and others."

Jason:                            "At midnight at the end of December of 2019, what is one thing you would like to accomplish with your writing before 2020 begins."


                                      "I am hoping to have found an agent who likes my stories well enough to take a chance on me! It would be great to see one of my stories being published."


              "Jessica Mayo is motivated by her want to share her stories with the world.  To touch a reader with her words.  Keep an eye out for her new novel "Fern's Grounding" that will be out sometime in the near future.  You can read some of her well written poems including 3 short stories at"

                                                                                        Jason E. Foss
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