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Jeanine Lunsford "Remembering First Love" An Interview with Jeanine Lunsford by Jason E. Foss

                                                                              JEANINE LUNSFORD

             "A Great Author can touch you without lifting a finger.  They put words together that last beyond the physical.  One chapter can break down that wall the reader was forced to put up years ago because they felt no one can relate.  Another chapter can make another person feel a sense of hope because finally someone understands. By the end of the book the reader finally feels they are not alone.  Jeanine Lunsford is one of these powerful Authors and she lets us know where she gets her motivation."

                                                                                                    Jason E. Foss

Jason:             "What motivated you to write "Remembering First Love"?"


                        "When I wrote "Remembering First Love" I wrote it to invite my readers to enter Carina Rivera’s world, to get an up close and personal picture of the kind of confusion a victim of domestic violence suffers. I wrote it to help those who have never experienced the trauma of domestic violence to understand what it is like to be caught up in the cycle of domestic abuse, and I wrote it for those who have experienced domestic abuse to offer them hope. The message of God’s unconditional love is woven throughout the story of Carina’s downward spiral and her mistaken belief that God has given up on her."

Jason:          "Describe the character Carina Rivera and if you can relate to Carina, what characteristic can you relate to most?"


                      "Carina Rivera is a 20-year-old fatherless daughter raised by her mother and grandmother in the tight-knit Cuban community of Hialeah, Florida. Carina and her sister Amelia (only 10 months her senior) have never met their father and their mother never speaks of him. Carina has always believed that her father left after her birth because he didn’t love her."

                       "As a little girl she was showered with attention by a neighbor man and became a victim of molestation. Because of this traumatic childhood experience, Carina has a deeply troubled adolescence. She enters adulthood emotionally confused, especially about men."

                       "I can relate to Carina not only because I am a fatherless daughter but also because I suffered through an abusive relationship in my late teens and again in my early twenties. As a survivor of domestic violence, I know Carina's character. I know how she feels, how she thinks ... how she hides her pain."

Jason:            "For your fans and those that want to read your book, describe "Remembering First Love"?"


                       "Strong willed Carina Rivera is tired of struggling with painful memories.
Abandoned by her father as a baby and molested as a child by a neighbor man, she's been dealing with pain for as long as she can remember."

                       "Determined to leave the darkness of her troubled past and the bad reputation her own mistakes have earned her, Carina sets out to turn a new leaf, trying to become more like her godly sister, Amelia. But when she's suddenly thrust into the position of her family's sole breadwinner, Carina comes face to face with the kind of temptation she's not sure she has the strength to resist—her handsome supervisor, Aaron Mendoza."

                       "Dark. Forbidden. Carina knows she needs to stay away ... everything about Aaron is off limits.
But Aaron is calling to hidden desires within Carina, luring her down a dangerous path that leads to his web of seduction."

                       "Will Carina allow the shadows of her past to creep into her present and darken her future?
Can she escape from the trap set for her by the evil dwelling within Aaron?"

Jason:             "Do you have another book in the works and if so what can you tell us about it?"


                        "I am working on “No Greater Love”, The companion novel to “Remembering First Love”. This book will focus on Carina’s sister Amelia and her military husband, Richard. Carina will play a large role in the book as well. I am planning several stand-alone companion novels featuring many of the same characters to follow."

Jason:           "Where can book lovers go to buy "Remembering First Love"?"


                      “Remembering First Love” can be purchased on Amazon.

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             "So Jeanine Lunsford was motivated to write this powerful book to open the eyes and hearts of readers that are unaware of domestic abuse.  She was also motivated to give hope to readers that have personally been affected by it.  With such a strong topic Jeanine never forgets the reader and adds just the right amount of emotional elements making this book a 'page turner'.  If you are looking for a book that locks you in on the very first page go to and buy "Remembering First Love"

                                                                                         Jason E. Foss
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