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K.L. Hagaman "In This Book You Will Find" An Interview with K.L. Hagaman by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                   K.L. HAGAMAN

       "What motivates powerful Authors?  That's a question that I need answered.  Even though there are a lot of Writers that do great work I have a handful of Amazing Authors that are my Favorites.  K.L. Hagaman is one them.  She was able to give us an idea of what motivates her and also what she has in store for us in the near future."
                                                                                                                  Jason E. Foss

Jason:      1)  What motivated you to write 'In this book you will find?'


                "My daughter, actually! Every night since she’s been born, we have a tradition of reading together as a family. One evening, about two years ago, she asked if we could write our own book. I jumped at the idea and asked what she would want the story to be about (she was 5 at the time), and she made a huge list! And it occurred to me, it would be really fun to write a book about all the different adventures literature can take you on! And here we are!"

Jason:    2)  I really got lost in the colorful and creative background.  Very beautiful and your words and illustrations really open up the Imagination.  What inspired you to create this book in this way?


                "Awe, thank you so much! Truly! I’ve always been drawn to…vibrancy. There is such a beautiful palate in the world around us—more colors than we are even literally able to see! So to take brightness and contrast and mingle them together like I did in the book, I hope becomes a journey in and of itself. Books are such magical creations—gateways to entirely different worlds that can be visited through words as much as by illustration, and I wanted to express that!"

Jason:             3)  One thing that really stands out about your book is that you leave extra blank pages for the kids or the future writers of the world?  Very thoughtful of you.  Why did you feel it was important to do this?


                 "I’ve always been of a mind that there IS a book out there for everyone. And I mean everyone! Even if that means they need to make it! By floating through different genres within ‘In This Book You Will Find’, I hoped to encourage young readers to explore, and to not throw in the towel if they read one or two books they don’t like. And if they can’t seem to ever find that story that speaks to them…then they should write it! Share it! Someone else may be waiting for them to!"

Jason:            4) I'm looking forward to supporting your new book 'The Awakening' on December 7th.  Briefly describe what 'The Awakening' is about?


                 "You’re the best! lol Seriously, your encouragement has meant so much! I’m really excited about ‘The Awakening’. It’s the story that speaks to me—that I’d always wanted to read, so, I wrote it!
It’s a fantasy series that starts off with a bang, right in the middle of a civil war brought on by the fears and assumptions of the unknown. There’s magic, betrayal, mystery, and powerful friendships. There’s drama, but humor. There are trials and grief, but hope!
The story follows the princess of the warring territory, Lilja, and her keeper, a unique guardian by the name of Kaden, as they struggle to overcome some very personal and dangerous obstacles before they can successfully help their people."

Jason:             5)  What is the name of the main character in 'The Awakening' and what is your favorite quality of this character?


                  "That…is a tough question. The way the book is written both Lilja and Kaden come out as main characters. But between you and me, and I guess who ever is reading this ;), Kaden is my favorite. He’s terribly sincere, passionate, funny, quick witted, and faithful. I can’t wait for you to meet him!"

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to share about these books! They’re near and dear to my heart!
If anyone wants to connect, they can find me on twitter at  HYPERLINK "" @hagaman_kl.
‘In This Book You Will Find’ is available now, on Amazon at:
And ‘The Awakening’ will be available December 7th on Amazon in both paperback and kindle editions."


      "So K.L. Hagaman is motivated by her daughter.  Her daughter must love the book "In This Book You Will Find."  Trust me if you have a child and you want to open up their Imagination and get lost into a creative book for kids of all ages go to and search "In This Book You Will Find" and buy this book.  Reading a book like this to a child that you love and creating that memory is worth more then the money."

                                                                                       Jason E. Foss
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