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Tia Day "Lucy's Legacy" An interview with Tia Day by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                         TIA DAY

           "There are many Amazing Authors out there!  There are a handful of powerful Authors that are my favorites.  It was very important for me to find out what motivates them.  Tia Day is definitely one of those quality Writers that I am talking about.  For those of you like myself that would like to know what she is working on she was happy to answer a few questions for us."
                                                                                                                          Jason E. Foss

Jason:      1) What motivates you to write or in life in general?

                " I was motivated by the topic itself. I have always enjoyed vigilante-type schemes, like Dexter,
Taken, etc. and have always wanted to write a good story about it. I don’t even know if I will keep writing after I finish this trilogy, to be honest. I have many hobbies and interests and tend to float from one to the next."

Jason:      2)  What is Lucy's Legacy about?

             "Lucy’s Legacy is a psychological thriller. It focuses on the after-effects of trauma and how they can have a direct impact on your life and life-decisions, if you let it. Yet, for all it’s despair, I was intentional with implementing a fair share of romance and witty banter to give my readers a well-balanced experience."

Jason:       3)  I find the lead character to be very interesting throughout the entire book.  Does the main character remind you of yourself at all as far as your personality and other qualities?


              "I would say that “Cait” and I are similar in some ways, yes. We are both independently driven and have a natural inclination toward sarcasm in our conversations; and of course, we share a mutual hatred for crimes against children. Where we differ, is her preference to avoid social interactions and her struggle to trust others. Whereas, I am very social and tend to lean towards trusting, until I have a reason not to."

Jason:        4)  When can we expect 'Isaac's Legacy' to be available on Amazon?


               “Isaac’s Legacy” is definitely in the works but I don’t have a projected release date, as of yet. That being said, if I had to give a rough estimate, I would say that I am aiming for it to be released sometime next summer."

Jason:        5)  If given the opportunity, would you consider selling the rights for “Lucy’s Legacy” to become a major motion picture?


              "This question has a two-fold answer; yes, I am absolutely open to my book becoming a movie. In fact, I wrote it in movie scene format; this was a writing tip I came across early on and I believe that it helped me stay on track and avoid lags in my storyline and/or unnecessary filler information."

              "However, I would not sell ALL the rights to it. If and when, the opportunity to make a movie presents itself, I would happily sign on the dotted line—but only if I am kept on as a project manager and casting director. As a reader myself, it can be aggravating to watch a book you love get poorly-translated onto the big screen; especially in regards to casting. Authors put a great deal of time into character development and their readers love their books for a reason. So, it’s rather annoying to see a character you love be altered in some way, whether it be looks or personality. For this reason, I would want to make sure that my readers are satisfied with the representation."



            "So Tia Day is motivated by vigilante-type schemes like 'Taken'.  I read her book 'Lucy's Legacy' and It was not only 5 star review worthy but also major motion picture worthy.  It would be nice to see that happen in the near future.  She has a lot of chapters so you will be getting your money's worth and each chapter is quality.  When you get time go to and search 'Lucy's Legacy' and download Tia Day's book so you can see for yourself why her Readers are looking forward to 'Isaac's Legacy' next summer."

                                                                                                                   Jason E. Foss
                                                                                                                   (954) 743 8670


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