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W.B. Welch "Blood Drops" An Interview With W.B. Welch by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                         W.B. WELCH

           "Great Authors have some of the most creative minds.  I want to know what motivates these Great Authors to capture a Reader's attention so brilliantly.  With all the talented writer's I have had the pleasure of getting to know I am blown away by how down to earth and passionate they are with their books and toward their Readers.  They are all motivated by different things.  W.B. Welch is one of those Great Authors that can create a Horror story that can leave the Reader glued to each page.  Her unique stories have people looking forward to her new book "Blood Drops" and she lets us in on what motivates her."

                                                                                                                        Jason E. Foss

Jason:                "What motivated you to write "Blood Drops"?"


                           "I originally published a small, self-printed collection of my horror shorts called Blood Drop. It was very well received. I printed around twenty at first, but I kept getting requests for more. I finally called it quits at around a hundred, I think. Finally, two years later, I had a ton of stories I was really proud of and a few that hadn’t been released anywhere, so I decided to pull my favorites together for this collection."

Jason:                 "Briefly describe your new book "Blood Drops."


                             "Blood Drops is a collection of my best and most brutal horror stories to date. While reading, you will be introduced to Dahmer’s apprentice, meet Marie Laveua’s daughter, watch blood drinking elves take advantage of an injury, and witness death having a child. My stories feel very grounded until you hit the twist, which always takes you somewhere you weren’t expecting."

Jason:                  "Which story in this book is your favorite and why?"


                             "Well, these are all my favorites, but if I had to choose, I would say Antics. It’s a flash fiction piece. It was a fun scene to write between pestering siblings, and the ending surprised even me at the time."


Jason:                   "Are you working on any new books and if so what can you tell us about it?"


                              "I am working on one and querying another. I’ll talk about my work in progress."

                              "It’s working title is Damp. It is mythologically inspired, though very loosely. It’s a speculative suspense that follows a woman as she heals. She lost her husband several years prior. The town thinks he disappeared, but the truth is, she found him at the bottom of a cliff."

                              "She couldn’t bring herself to tell anyone the truth. She feared he might have jumped, and she doesn’t want those kinds of talks circling her. The weight of carrying that lie for too long starts to take a toll, and she begins to question her grip on sanity while she simultaneously tries to develop some sort of romantic relationship again.  It’s an examination on the mind’s coping mechanisms. I am really in love with this book."

Jason:                      "For someone that is interested in reading your new book where is the easiest place they can buy "Blood Drops"?"


                                "The easiest way is via my website,  HYPERLINK "" Both the paperback and kindle editions are linked on my homepage."

             .                                                                          CLOSING

                                 W.B. Welch was motivated by her first work 'Blood Drop'  Her Horror stories were always well received and the request for her to make more is evident and has created a demand.  Thankfully their requests have been answered.  This Great Writer of Horror has one of the best collection of horror stories. Some have already preordered.  Her favorite works and stories that have never been released will finally be available to read on December 16th, 2018.  Go to her Link above and buy W.B. Welch's new book "Blood Drops."

                                                                            Jason E. Foss
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