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H.M. Gooden "Dream Of Darkness" An Interview with H.M. Gooden by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                        H.M. GOODEN

        "I am very interested in what motivates great writers.  There are a few that stand out and I consider to be my Favorites.  H.M.  Gooden is one of them.  She was able to take some time out to give us an idea what motivates her and what she has been up to lately."

                                                                                                     Jason E. Foss

Jason:           1)  What motivates you to write and what's your motivation in life in general?


                            "My motivation for writing is that I’ve always loved the written word in all its forms- poetry, short stories, novels from many genres. My day job is rewarding but emotionally draining and writing allows me to express myself as well as escape when needed ;)"

                           "My life motivation is to be the best person I can and to hopefully leave the world a better place."

Jason:              2) You have amazing books like "The Raven and the Witch Hunter" Books and "Dream of Darkness".  For someone interested in reading a book of yours which book of yours would you recommend someone to read first?


                            "In terms of my books, I would start with dream of darkness as it started things off, but books 4 and 5 could be technically read first, as they do follow girls who weren’t the main character in book 1-3."

Jason:                 3)  Briefly describe your newest release and where is the best way someone can get some of your books?


                             "My latest release is a novella, The wedding, which is book 3 in the novella series The Raven and the Witch Hunter. I have recently returned to wide, meaning that anywhere people purchase ebooks I should be available. I’m also available locally in a few stores in Calgary, Canada."

Jason:                   4)  From your newest release who is your favorite character and why?

Heather:               "Oh my favorite character is Emma Jane all the way! She grew up with heartbreak but has kept going against all odds and is just a truly amazing person."

Jason:                  5) What advice would you give to someone who would like to write great books like you have?


                              "To anyone who wants to write I say just do it! We all have a story somewhere inside us and the first step is to write it down. Then revise, revise, get someone else to review it, then revise it again! But I do think it’s something anyone can do if they want it badly enough."


               "I really appreciate Heather for letting us know that she has always been motivated by writing itself.  Whether it be poetry, novels, or any other form of writing.  She is also motivated to be the best person she can be and to leave this world a better place.  That is something that we should all strive to do.  I'm going to keep that in mind and that's great advice on how to live one's life.  For those of you that have not read any books from H.M. Gooden go to and buy "Dream Of Darkness."  She has a lot of great reviews and it's a great way to introduce you to one of her many great books."

                                                                                                                         Jason E. Foss
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