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Elizabeth Katona "After The End" An Interview with Elizabeth Katona by Jason E. Foss

                                                                            ELIZABETH KATONA

               "There are many writer's that stand out in many ways.  Elizabeth Katona has such a great writing style and her page Literally makes me feel like I am at Disney.  It was very important to find out where this great writer finds her motivation.  She was able to answer a few questions for us to give us an idea what she has been up to."

                                                                                               Jason E. Foss

Jason:            1)  What motivates you when you write and what motivates you in life in general?


                              For me, writing is so ingrained in who I am and what I've been doing since I was young. The need to create and have a space to myself is definitely what motivates my writing! In general, having a passionate and purposeful life is something that motivates me to do the absolute best I can in any task - be it my job, my blog or my books.

Jason:           2) is such a beautiful website.  It has a magical Disney vibe to it.  What is your favorite thing about Disney and what is your favorite part of your website?


                              Thank you! And I'm so glad you mentioned Disney. :) Disney is one of my favorite things. I live in Orlando and frequent the parks, and what draws me to that brand is their pursuit of dreams and refusal to believe anything is impossible. My Instagram, @elizabethkatona, also features tons of Disney content. That's one of my other creative outlets, in addition to my blog. Having my own site that's an expression of who I am and what I love is probably my favorite part.

Jason:           3)  What kind of book are you thinking of Writing and briefly explain what it is about?


                               My current work in progress is my second manuscript, and it's completely different from my first. I'm hesitant to slap on a genre on it right now, but it'll be young adult. Essentially, a seventeen-year-old aspiring engineer gets caught in a deadly public relations war between two competing theme parks. I currently work in PR, so I'm excited to bring that perspective into my fiction writing.

 Jason:          4)  Tell me about your new blog 'It's all about what happens after "The End".  That's such an original concept and something many of us writers don't think about.  What made you come up with that idea?


                      When I finished my first manuscript, a lot of friends would ask "so, now what do you do?" It was a question I had when I typed 'The End,' so I figured it would be a useful post for other writers or even people who know writers. For me, I immediately thought once I was done writing to skip back to chapter one and start editing. The tips I read advised against that, so it prompted me to research best practices for post-first draft.

 Jason:                  5)  24 things you've learned in 24 years was actually one of the reasons why I reached out to you.  Great advice and life lessons.  How do you come up with these unique concepts to write about?


                              "Thank you so much! I'd seen some other writers and YouTubers do a '# of things I've learned in # of years,' so it inspired me to do the same.  For that one, I really wanted to focus on being positive and emphasize that you're never alone in what you go through. You'll also never stop learning, so I  hope to do one when I'm 25!"


               "The need to create and and have a space to herself motivates Elizabeth to write as well as anything else she pursues in life.  It's amazing how all of these unique writers have different things that motivate them.  Go to and check out her website.  It literally reminds me of Disney theme parks with its pastel colors and pics.  She has a lot of great advice and concepts to help writers and people in general to have a positive perspective and approach to anything we want in life"

                                                                                                                       Jason E. Foss
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