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Tracy Shawn "The Grace Of Crows" An Interview with Tracy Shawn by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                      TRACY SHAWN

                  "Great Authors are all unique in their own way.  They write amazing books that touch the lives of so many people.  Whether it is a story that makes someone want to fall in love again or one that gives the Reader hope with something they are going through in their own life, it is safe to say Great Authors leave an impact on our every day Journeys.  Tracy Shawn is one of those Great Authors that not only writes with heart but she gives the Reader 'fight', 'courage', and this much needed feeling that they 'are not alone'.  To write with that kind of compassion is a talent that touches the Reader's life even months after her book is closed.  Tracy Shawn let us know where she gets her motivation."

                                                                                                                   Jason E. Foss

Jason:                    "What motivated you to write "The Grace Of Crows"?"


                              "At the height of my own long-term battle with anxiety, I couldn’t stop thinking about a long-lost friend from childhood. Then one day I found myself crying, thinking back about how vulnerable this boy had been beneath his surfer-tough bravado. I called a friend who still lived in our hometown; she told me that she had just seen him the previous week and to her astonishment that “quiet surfer boy had turned into a deranged homeless man.” She never saw nor heard about him again—and neither did anyone else I knew. But he stayed with me. For so long, anxiety had caused me to feel like an outsider to my own life and happiness—and now I knew that my old friend was not only an outsider to his own sanity, but also to the whole of society. So when I set out to write this novel, there was no question that I had to include a fictitious characterization of him in Saylor’s journey. For what are stories if they do not make real life more meaningful?"

Jason:                    "Briefly describe Saylor Crawmore and which characteristic of hers can you relate to the most?"


                                "The protagonist Saylor Crawmore is a woman struggling with severe anxiety, who is determined to heal for both the sake of herself and her family. Although she’s anxious and depressed, she’s also loving and hopeful. As the author, I can relate to all of Saylor’s traits!"

Jason:                     "For your fans and those that want to read your book briefly describe "The Grace Of Crows"


                                 "Set in the fictional California communities of Breakers Point and Dune Beach, Saylor fights her debilitating anxiety while trying to contend with her mother’s blind narcissism, growing concerns for her teenage children, and her husband’s need to pretend that everything is okay. After she reconnects with her childhood friend, Billy, homeless and alone since his teens, Saylor is able set out on a journey in which she gains insight into her strange fears, gathers the strength to overcome them, and summons the courage to find help for her family."

Jason:                      "Are you working on another book and if so what can you tell us about it?"


                                 "I have recently finished my second novel, “The Girl from the Edge of the Ocean,” (working title) after many, many—and I mean many (!) revisions.  It’s about a woman who has been afflicted by premonitions her whole life and now questions if the increasingly bizarre phenomena she’s been experiencing means that she’s inherited her mother’s schizophrenia."

Jason:                     "For those that want to read your book what is the easiest way for them to buy "The Grace Of Crows"?


                                 "If you’re interested in purchasing “The Grace of Crows,” please go to either Amazon or Barnes and Noble and type in “The Grace of Crows” or Tracy Shawn in the search bar. And…if anyone would like to contact me (book club guest? blog interview? reader questions?), please feel free to fill out my contact page via my website at: Thank you!


             "Tracy Shawn was motivated by the thought of her long-lost childhood friend.   He had a surfer-tough bravado but she later found out that he became a deranged homeless man.  One thing that really stands out about this Great Author's character is even though she was at the height of her own long-term battle with anxiety her focus and tears were for her friend and what he must have been going through.  We all go through a lot in our lives and we face our own situations.  Whether it is chasing our dreams or trying to stay positive when things are not so great Tracy reminds you that you are not alone.  Not only are other people fighting their own battles but her book gives us hope that we can overcome them.  Tracy Shawn and this powerful book makes the Reader feel the courage that  we can win even in our own life's Journey one day at a time.  Go to the link above and buy "The Grace Of Crows".

                                                                                 Jason E. Foss
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