Thursday, December 20, 2018

Lisa Diaz Meyer "All Roads Home" An Interview with Lisa Diaz Meyer by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                    LISA DIAZ MEYER

              "There are many great Authors and great books in this world.  However each of these Authors bring something unique for the reader.  Why is this?  While there can be more than one answer it is safe to say that great Authors do not try to imitate what has already been done.  Instead they bring something new for the Reader.  'Write like this'.  'You can't write in this format'.  'A chapter should be this long or this short'.  A great Author would handle statements like that with a simple "Says who?"  They are not afraid to be different.  They understand that rules in writing can sometimes put limitations on your imagination.  Lisa Diaz Meyer is one of these great Authors that write how she wants giving the Reader stories without limitations.  Lisa lets us know where she gets her motivation."

                                                                                                         Jason E. Foss

Jason:        "What motivated you to write "All Roads Home"?"


                    "My motivation is creativity. There were so many subjects, genres and controversies that I wanted to address - but not in the usual way. I wanted to use prose and fact-through-fiction storytelling, to make the reader feel, not just read in a small amount of time."

Jason:          "You write short stories so well and you have such great reviews.  When did you develop this Passion for writing?"


                      "My love of books and storytelling goes back into my very early childhood where I could typically be seen reading or writing anytime day or night. Writing has always been my passion and my companion."

Jason:           "For your fans and those that want to read your book briefly describe "All Roads Home"."


                       ""ALL ROADS HOME", my first book, is a compilation of multi genre short stories and poems that I’ve written throughout different periods of my life. The newer of the stories is the Outpost series, a post apocalyptic drama that runs through the first part of all of my books. At the end, I decided to take five of my short stories and adapt them into one act stage plays.

Jason:             "Do you have any books in the works and if so what can you tell us about it?"

                       "I do have a fourth book in the works, in my “All Roads” fashion; dark fiction short stories and poems, including an Outpost extension and a part II to the People of Gods, a dystopian short story that I’d started in my third book, All Roads Shattered. I will continue on with, lovable or hateful characters that are addicting and tragic."

Jason:            "For those that want to read your book where is the easiest place they can buy "All Roads Home"?"


                       " All of my books can be found on Amazon and Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble, and many more. The links can be easily found on my website . "


              "Lisa Diaz Meyer is motivated by Creativity.  She wants the Reader to feel not just read.  For someone that had a passion for writing at a very young age her book shows that her passion has only strengthened over time.  She uses a compilation of short stories and poems giving us a very unique experience.  Go to or her website and buy "All Roads Home."

                                                                           Jason E. Foss
                                                                           954 743 8670

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