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L.C. TAYLOR "Mystic Valley Shifters: Whispers Book 4" An Interview with L.C. Taylor by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                              L. C. TAYLOR

                 "What motivates great Writers to create stories that open the imaginations of book lovers everywhere.  I am always looking to find this out from some of my Favorite Authors.  L.C. Taylor are one of those amazing Authors.  She successfully created a Series and her new Book 4 shows the same intense connections and she shows no sign of slowing down.  How does she do it?  Well L.C. Taylor was nice enough to give us an idea of what Book 4 is about and also why it was a must to keep this great Series going."

                                                                                                                    Jason E. Foss

Jason:                     "What motivated you to write "Mystic Valley Shifters" Whispers Book 4?"


                                "Mystic Valley Shifters was a very planned out series. Once I created Book One’s characters and plots, I knew everyone introduced would need their own story. Whispers: Book Four was always meant to be Kai’s story. Right from the beginning she was introduced as the sarcastic twin to book one’s main character – Jensen. She was fearless, tough, and one of the guys! With out giving any spoilers, she knew from the beginning who her destined mate was; however, being stubborn she refused to need a man. Fans loved her as a secondary character in books 1-3, so getting her own story was a must."

Jason:                       "Does Kai remind you of yourself at all. If so what are some of the reasons why you can relate to Kai?"


                                  "I guess in some respects she reminds me of myself. She’s sarcastic, stubborn, and fearless – but most importantly, she loves her family. These are traits I embody, so bringing her character to life was easy for me. I wanted to make her seem like one of the guys, but showing her soft side too."

Jason:                       "It seems like Kai and Carter have a lot going on. Explain the relationship and attraction between Kai and Carter?"


                                  "Whew, that’s an understatement. Right from the start of this series, readers will pick up on the tension between them. As a shifter, destined mates are hard to ignore – but Kai, being stubborn refuses to acknowledge the connection. When she finally does, the roles are reversed, and Carter gives her a dose of her own medicine – unintentionally. The sexual tension between the two jumps off the pages, and as a reader you’ll want to smack them senseless."

Jason:                      "For all of your fans and readers what do you like most about Whispers Book 4 that your present and future readers can look forward to?"


                                  "I like that you will get to see the softer side of Kai in book four. It demonstrates a woman can be tough and girly without having to change who she is. The best part about book 4, is you’ll finally get some unanswered questions resolved – plus a sneak peek of book 5 is enclosed. And who doesn’t love a sneak peek?"

Jason:                        "For your fans and book lovers that want to read 'Mystic Valley Shifters; Whispers Book 4" where can they go to buy it?"


Mystic Valley Shifters – Whispers: Book Four is available on

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              "Now we know that L.C. Taylor was motivated to write Book 4 because Kai was such a strong character in books 1 to 3, it was only a matter of time that the focus would be on her.  All of L.C. Taylor's books have amazing book covers and great stories.  Copy L.C. Taylor's link and buy Mystic Valley Shifters:  Whispers Book 4 and enjoy Kai and the continuation of a great Series."

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