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Sherrie Brown "The Eternal Knot Series: Samantha Time Travel" An Interview with Sherrie Brown by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                     SHERRIE BROWN

                 "There are so many qualities that make a great Author.  I like to find out what Motivates them to write great books.  Sherrie Brown brought an amazing character to life Samantha from Book 3 of The Eternal Knot Series.  She was happy to let us know what motivated her to write Samantha: Time Travel and also shared details about this great story."

                                                                                                               Jason E. Foss 

 Jason:                    "Out of the Eternal Knot Series what motivated you to write "Samantha Time Travel"?"


                                "I have always been interested in Vikings and their way of life. While I was writing about King Roan, Samantha’s story popped into my mind and wouldn’t leave until I told her story."

Jason:                     "For the Readers that want to buy "Samantha Time Travel" briefly describe this book and can they buy it first or do they have to buy another book from The Eternal Knot Series first?"


                                 "Samantha is a realtor, living and working in San Antonio, Texas. When her time to travel arrives she travels to 800AD Viking time. She finds out Vikings are not as they are portrayed in history. Samantha learns that sometimes finding your soulmate doesn’t make life easier just different. She must decide if she wants to compromise her values and become a second wife or live life as a single warrior, a shieldmaiden."

                                 "The Eternal Knot Series is written as a stand-alone so that they can be read in any order.  Each book in the series follows a different person’s adventure. King Roan introduces the readers to the eternal knot necklaces and their ability to transport the wearer to their soulmate. The rest of the series follows nine women and their adventures. These books begin just before nine friends take a trip to England. While there, they are each transported to a different time and place in search of their soulmate."

 Jason:                     "Tell me about Samantha. Tell me what this character's biggest strength is and what do you like most about her?"


                                 "Samantha is a strong woman who is tired of men expecting things from her. She wants to be valued and loved, yet she doesn’t understand her worth. Samantha is capable of more than she realizes and soon finds out that she can be a strong warrior without compromising her values. What I like most about her is she isn’t afraid to stand up for what she wants or believes in."

Jason:                       "Samantha looks like a Beautiful Warrior. How did you come up with the Book Cover and would you like to see "Samantha Time Travel" translated into a Movie?"


                                   "The book cover was fun to create. However, it was hard to find the perfect women who showed strength and beauty without being overly sexy. I had a picture of her in my mind and searched until I found an image that matched the strong, beautiful woman, I saw in my mind.
I would love to see Samantha come to life in a movie. She would be a good role model for young women. But I’m sure they would change the story because my books are clean stories."

Jason:                       "For your Fans and Book Lovers that want to buy "Samantha Time Travel," where can they buy this amazing book?"


                                  "All my books can be found on Amazon and on most of the other retailers.  The following is a link that will send you to most  retailer’s sites.  

                                  My website also has links for each of my books 


          "Sherrie's interest in Vikings motivated her to create Samantha for Book 3 of The Eternal Knot Series.  Her Book Cover gives you such a perfect visual of this Beautiful Warrior.  Those that loved King Roan and Raven from Book 1 and Book 2 are going to love Samantha.  Anyone new to The Eternal Knot Series will enjoy Book 3 with no worry of getting lost because Sherrie specifically wrote her books so that each story can stand on it's own.  In Book 3 the story of Samantha jumps out at you in the very beginning so go to one of Sherrie's Links and buy this amazing book."

                                                                                    Jason E. Foss
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