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Elizabeth Bromke "Christmas On Maplewood Mountain" An Interview by Jason E. Foss

                                                                               ELIZABETH BROMKE

              "Great Authors are so creative.  They can build a whole new world in a book.  Their characters make sense.  The story is written with so much detail that you can almost see it in your mind like you are watching a movie and not reading a book.  Elizabeth Bromke is one of those Great Authors.  Elizabeth takes the time to let us know what motivates her"

                                                                                                         Jason E. Foss

Jason:                    "What motivated you to write "Christmas On Maplewood Mountain"?"


                                "I was motivated to write Christmas on Maplewood once I had finished my first full-length manuscript. That "MS* was a middle grade piece, which I also hope to publish one day. But after I had finished, I felt that I wanted to pursue the romance genre, since I'm a fan. Why this exact story? It's lived in my head for a while now. I am fascinated by family dynamics, and I love "mountain life", so it all came together.

Jason:                     "Can you relate to the character Mary Delaney, and if so, what characteristics of hers can you relate to?


                                 "I can relate to Mary's independent nature and will to be herself. I wish I were as disciplined as she is, and I wish I had her hair!"

Jason:                      "For those that would like to read your book briefly describe "Christmas On Maplewood Mountain"?"


                                  "Christmas on Maplewood Mountain" is a story about a high-tech, big-city executive who, thanks to his VP, meets a beautiful mountain innkeeper. Sparks fly, but the VP happens to be the innkeeper's sister. She throws a wrench into the romance."

Jason:                      "Do you have any new books in the works and if so what can you share with us about it?"


                                 "I am working on Book Two of the Maplewood Series. In it, we see Mary and Kurt's relationship development; however, the story line focuses on Anna. We learn why she has such an edge and see where she goes with it. I'm super excited about this book! I hope it answers readers' questions about Mary and Kurt AND the meddling sister."

Jason:                       "Where is the easiest place your fans and book lovers can buy "Christmas On Maplewood Mountain"?"


                                   "Fans can purchase this title on Amazon here!"


                 "Elizabeth was motivated to write "Christmas On Maplewood Mountain" once she finished her first full-length manuscript.  This amazing Author brought her love for "mountian life", family dynamics, and romance and gives you a brilliant love story.  Fans and book lovers especially the ones that love a great romance copy the link above and buy "Christmas On Maplewood Mountain"."

                                                                           Jason E. Foss
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