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Nicole Sorrell "The Art Of Going Home" An Interview with Nicole Sorrell by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                 NICOLE SORRELL

                      "Each Author's Journey is slightly different from the next or sometimes completely different.  However one thing that seems to be evident is it was a Process.  Somewhere in their life they realized they had a passion for writing.  When you read their books you realize that their talent matches their passion.  An idea is born.  Their creative mind puts that idea on paper and builds a story around it.  They develop the perfect characters and a story that captivates Readers all over the World.  Nicole Sorrell are one of these great Authors.  She let us know where she got her motivation from."

                                                                                                    Jason E. Foss

Jason:           "What motivated you to write "The Art of Going Home"?"


"It’s difficult to explain why I feel writing is a requirement for me. I think the need to hear stories is part of being human. Whether they’re small anecdotes on the radio, sit-coms on TV or hearing about the kind of day someone had, we crave narratives. They help us build empathy—a trait that’s vital in our complex society."

"I’ve always loved reading. As a pre-teen and teenager, I couldn’t get enough. And since I was a teenager, I wanted to write. I hoped to give others that unique sense of elated fulfillment I got after finishing a wonderful book. The challenge I had to overcome was plot construction. In hindsight, I understand I needed more life experience to create believable characters and compelling situations to put them in. So instead of novels, for many years I wrote and published poetry. It captured a sentiment or a moment in shorter forms."

                         "A few years ago, this idea struck me. What if a twin was murdered as a child, and the surviving girl was never told what happened? The mystery of her sister’s unsolved murder could have profound and detrimental effects on her life, even after she grew up and moved away from her home town. She never wants to return, but after a decade she can’t avoid going back. How will she manage, remembering the horror of her twin’s death?"

                         "The idea for The Art of Going Home was born. It became Book 1 of The Art of Living series."

Jason:             "Describe Madisen and can you relate to this character? If so, what characteristic of hers can you relate to most?"


                         “Write what you know,” is a piece of advice we hear a lot. Authors must draw from personal events and hardships to make their story authentic, whether the scenarios are fictional or real. My main character Madisen, also known as Maddie, is placed in imaginary circumstances, but reacts to them much as I would to actual ones. This allows me to see inside her emotions and where they come from so I can write them effectively."

                          "I can relate most to Maddie’s sensitivity. It gives her a great amount of empathy. It also means she’s easily wounded and sometimes conceals her pain behind anger. Her determination, the flipside of stubbornness, means she won’t give up once she decides to do something, even if it’s risky. Her insecurity about relationships causes problems, yet she gives herself completely once she makes a commitment. She understands that seeking revenge against bullies often will escalate the conflict, but she will stand up for those who are unable to defend themselves."

"I sought to create an honest personality that readers can relate to, a character whose behavior isn’t perfect one hundred percent of the time. Maddie has flaws, but she’s genuine."

Jason:                 "Can you describe the connection between Madisen and Zacarias? Also, for those that want to read your great book, briefly describe what "The Art of Going Home" is about."


                             "The book begins with Maddie’s arrival at the airport. She’s surprised to find Zac has come to meet her and drive her home."

                             "The connection between Maddie and Zac is due to their history. They grew up in the same town in the Midwest, one so small everyone knew everybody. When Maddie’s sister was killed after their tenth birthday, her mother couldn’t handle it. Her parent’s neglect sometimes ran to abuse. Maddie was informally “adopted,” so to speak, by Zac’s aunt, becoming part of his extended family."

                             "They gave Maddie love and emotional support, and Zac was there to help her during tough times. Being close, he had greater insight into what she was going through. In the series, the reader gets to see him devise a plan so she will fit in at school after he’s graduated (he’s three years older) so she can make it on her own."

"She’d always had a crush on him. Yet, when he invited her to a school dance, she brushed him off, thinking his aunt had put him up to it."

                              "Now years later, on her visit home, she discovers he really did have romantic feelings for her. And still does."

"I added the spicy romance to the book because it illustrates how she evolves emotionally. Their developing physical intimacy reflects her growth in learning to accept his love. It’s a difficult journey, and she makes mistakes. But Zac is her rock. Understanding her childhood gives him patience. He’s loyal to her because he knows she’s a courageous person who’s already conquered many adversities life has thrown at her. It works both ways. When he reveals he’s struggling with an issue because of past trauma, she is understanding."

Jason:                   "Are you working on another book and if so, what can you tell us about it?"


"Yes, I’m currently working on another novel. It’s a departure from the contemporary setting of The Art of Living series."

"It’s titled Blood Serenade. The story’s protagonist is a young woman named Serenade, and its set several hundred years in the future."

"Serenade, who prefers to be called Sara, comes from a long line of talented singers. However, her voice is not where her ability lies. Her gift is much more uncommon. Using touch, she senses the life force of people who are sick or injured, sometimes being pulled into their memories. And she has the supernatural power to heal."

                                "Sara doesn’t want the responsibility of this bizarre gift, even after she unconsciously uses it to save the life of an injured stranger named Lake."

"Lake can’t figure out the inexplicable attraction he feels for Sara. But he does know she’s fallen for him as well. While he’d like to protect Sara from the danger threatening her life, Lake has to guard his own secrets. As soon as his broken bones are healed, he’ll be moving on. And by the gods, when he leaves he’s not taking Sara with him."

"Writing this book, I came to love the characters as they laugh and cry, love and hate, take revenge and seek forgiveness. Blood Serenade is romantic women’s fiction everyone will enjoy."

Jason:                     "For those that want to read your book, what is the easiest way they can buy "The Art of Going Home?"


                                "My website address is It has more information about the books, Amazon purchase links and includes excerpts from all three in The Art of Living series. is the Amazon link to Book 1, The Art of Going Home. It’s free in Kindle Unlimited. connects to Book 2, The Art of Being Broken. It concludes the journey of Maddie and Zac and has a ‘Happily Ever After’ ending. It’s free in Kindle Unlimited. is for Book 3, The Art of Getting Away. It’s a novella featuring Carlos, Zac’s brother. Going on vacation, Carlos runs into Andie. One look at the sassy girl with blue-green eyes, and Carlos is a goner. He learns she’s in the crosshairs of a violent outlaw motorcycle gang who wants to kidnap her. Trying to help, he also finds himself targeted by the gang. It’s free in Kindle Unlimited.

The Art of Living Boxed Set can be purchased at a discount:

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                            "Nicole was motivated by a great idea of a Twin never being told what happened to her sister as a child.  Having to grow up and live life without her must have lasting effects on her.  Amazing how an Author puts the Reader first even at a young age.  As a teenager she already cared about giving the Reader a positive experience at the end of her book.  She selflessly chose poetry over novels at first to build more life experiences.  These are the qualities that many Great Authors have.  It's not about them.  It's about bringing a story to life and giving the Reader all that they have until the very last word is written.  Go to and buy "The Art Of Going Home."

                                                                                           Jason E. Foss
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