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N.M. McGregor "Petals Of Awakening" An Interview with N.M. McGregor by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                 N.M. MCGREGOR

            "Great Authors write with a lot of passion.  They brilliantly achieve a juggling act between giving the reader what they want, creating a story that they need, opening their imagination with what they didn't realize they needed, and at the same time entertaining them along the way.  N.M. McGregor is one of those great Authors.  Opening up her book is like entering another world and as each page is turned you are intrigued and looking forward to the next.  She let us know where she gets her motivation."

                                                                                                   Jason E. Foss

Jason:                "What motivated you to write "Petals Of Awakening"?"


                          "I had originally written a yoga romance, When I sent it out to my beta readers the feedback asked for more back story. I went back to the writing board and created Mary. I wanted to write a contemporary, psychological, romance/thriller that showed the processes of human development when they take the path of self discovery."

Jason:                "Briefly describe Mary and what characteristic of hers can you relate to the most?"


                          "Mary is highly capable, charismatic, and a total copy cat, she has learned through altercations, and manipulative partners, a persona she feels will bring her everything she ever wanted. To begin with she appears shallow, her willingness changes that through the story. Willingness is what I identify with the most. I believe that if I am willing to learn, to do things right, to get out of my comfort zone, things will eventually work out for me."

Jason:                 "For your fans and book lovers briefly describe "Petals Of Awakening"."


                            "Petals of Awakening is about taking the road most traveled and then taking the path least traveled to find out who you really are and what you really want out of life. Mary, is a young woman who seems to have it all. But the choices that led her to her lifestyle path, are lacking. She discovers that life has lost its meaning and she wants answers. She attends a yoga retreat in New York and gets more than she bargained for."

Jason:                  "Are you working on another book and if so what can you tell us about it?"


                            "Currently I am in the final edits of the Montana Series book 3 West End Lass, the final installment in a highly charged romance about Montana Stanford and Adam Northrop, Book two of The Moon Goddess Chronicles, and branching out into a historical fantasy about the knights Templar."

Jason:                  "For those that want to read your book what is the easiest way for them to buy "Petals Of Awakening"?"


                            "Petals of Awakening is now available on most major platforms, for a list of stores, go to:

                                 or order through


                    "N.M. McGregor was motivated by her beta readers feedback from her original yoga romance book.  After that she created Mary.  That is one of the reasons why I enjoy Authors like her.  The Reader matters.  The way she described "Petals Of Awakening" makes a lot of sense and sounds like a helpful way to live one's life.  Especially when she said her book is about taking the road most traveled and then taking the path least traveled to find out who you really are and what you really want out of life.  That was very deep and great advice to find answers in our own lives.  This is a book that captures your attention at the very beginning keeping your interest until the very end.  Go to the link above and buy "Petals Of Awakening"

                                                                                        Jason E. Foss
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