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Donise Sheppard "Love Dust" An Interview with Donise Sheppard by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                DONISE SHEPPARD

         "Reading something powerful like a quote or a great story can literally change a person's day.  Out of all the wonderful Authors out there I found a handful of them that are my Favorites.  Donise Sheppard is definitely one of them.  Many of us would like to know what motivates these quality writers.  Donise was able to let us know more about her and what she is about."

                                                                                                                                Jason E. Foss

Jason:         1. What motivated you to create Love Dust?


                    "Jensen Reed and I had just created Pixie Forest Publishing and were talking about themes we could use for our first anthology. We bounced around fantasy and paranormal romance, but eventually settled on just romance. That went further because we both wanted to open the anthology to include other genres, so it is about love stories rather than it needing a romantic element. The name and cover was much harder. Lol."

Jason:           2. What inspired you to bring these writers together for this book and was it hard to organize?


                      "We opened the anthology submissions to the public. We posted in our writing groups, on our Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram, that we were looking for authors to submit to an anthology of love stories. The response was overwhelming. We had around forty submissions, which was a big deal to me since we were still brand new. It wasn’t the easiest picking the stories. There were a couple of really good ones that we had to turn away and a few friends as well. Getting the authors together wasn’t difficult. We could contact them through email or social media and they’ve all been amazing at helping get Love Dust out there in the world. We couldn’t have asked for a better set of authors for our first anthology."

Jason:            3. What inspired you to write “Wildflowers”?


                       "I have been on a historical romance kick lately, so right away, I knew I wanted to include a historical romance. “Wildflowers” started as a seven hundred word flash fiction story I wrote for a contest in a group where the opening line had to read “The window was open just enough to let in the cool night air.” When we decided on love stories, I knew I wanted Wildflowers to be included. I expanded it, naturally, giving more to the story, adding a character (Mr. Wilkins, if you’re wondering), and giving more life to my original characters."

Jason:            4. What is the best way for someone to buy Love Dust?


                      "There are several ways to read our anthology! You can find it on Amazon, our website, or message Jensen or I for a signed copy. 😉
The ebook is on sale for only 99 cents for the month of December, so we hope everyone takes advantage of it!"

"You can read Love Dust for free with Kindle Unlimited."

Jason:           5. Are you the only author in "Between the Leaves" and when do you expect "Between the Leaves" to be available for purchase?


                    "Between the Leaves" is a young adult dystopia. Yes, I’m the only author in it. Right now, "Between the Leaves" is still in it’s rewriting stage. I was hoping to have it published this past October, but a lot of personal things came up and I fell behind on my goal. If I can get things back on schedule, "Between the Leaves" should be ready by summer of 2019."


         "Working with Jensen Reed and creating Pixie Forest Publishing motivated Donise into bringing together a very talented blend of amazing Authors.  The Love Stories in "Love Dust" are very well written.  The Reader can easily picture each character and can imagine the scenery because of the great descriptions from each of the Authors.  Go to and search for "Love Dust" and buy this book while it's on sale for 99 cents for the month of December.  That's a steal and as you read each Author's love story you will be glad you took advantage of it."
                                                                           Jason E. Foss
                                                                           (954) 743 8670

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