Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Erin McAndrew "Stay Alive" - EP An Interview with Erin McAndrew by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                   ERIN MCANDREW

                "There are some moments in one's life that they just can't catch a break.  Everything seems to be going wrong.  They look in the mirror and start wondering, "Is it me?"  And then it happens.  Music.  Not just any music but a specific song that is playing that touches that person.  The song was so inspiring and touched that person in such a way that it completely changed their mood for good.  And that is the power of Music.  Erin McAndrew is a Country Rock Singer and Songwriter that can literally put you in a better mood with her music.  Erin let us know what motivates her."

                                                                                                             Jason E. Foss

Jason:                   "You have a great look and a beautiful voice.  What motivated you to start your music career?"


                               "I've always loved music from a VERY young age. I was always performing and singing whether it was in my parent's living room, dancing, choir, musical theatre, in a band, etc. I love it all. What really started it was in high school when I began writing songs. I played in a few bands throughout my college years and eventually went solo and that's when my career really started to take off."

Jason:                    "Big City & Bright Lights" and "Whiskey & The Rebel" sound so amazing. Out of all your songs which one is your favorite song you ever wrote and why?"


                               "Well thank you so much for your kind words! :) Every song is my favorite in its own way. I really enjoy the story behind "Whiskey & the Rebel" though. My husband and I were traveling to visit family in Nashville during a snow storm and flights kept getting cancelled and it was just quite the trip to make a long story short. My husband and I talked about how I should write a song about my experience if I was a single woman playing gigs in Nashville that evening. What came about is I think a really fun country song!"

Jason:                   "What was your favorite moment in your music career so far?"


                               "I definitely have more than one, but I would say the fact that I am impacting people from my music and the support I'm receiving means so much. There's also a BEAUTIFUL winery that I played at this summer that was like nowhere I've ever played before and it was a very defining moment that made me realize that my calling is music and I'm going in a very good direction."

Jason:                    "What advice would you give someone chasing a Dream of there's that worked for you?"


                               "I know so many people say "Don't Give Up" and I believe that too, but you also need to SET goals and create a plan if you want to chase that dream. And work towards those goals each and every day! Otherwise it is just a dream and wish. I offer goal setting webinars and goal coaching. Anyone who is interested in realizing their true potential I would LOVE to help. You can find more info on my website:"


Jason:                     "For your fans that would love to support your music and your Patreon, what is the easiest way they can support your music?"


                                 "They can head on over to my Patreon channel at and support for as little as $1 a month! There I do live broadcasts each week, and my patrons get to hear new music and many other things before anyone else! They can also head on over to my official website at to find out more about me and connect. Can't wait to meet y'all! :)"


               "What motivated Erin to start her music career was in high school when she started writing her own songs.  Eventually she went solo and now she has a very inspiring Career.  She offers great advice on setting goals and creating a plan to achieve your goals.  Click on the link above where she offers webinars and goal coaching.  Erin McAndrew is an amazing Country Rock Singer that gives back.  If you have dreams and love music support Erin's Patreon Channel and check out her Official website.  You will be supporting someone that not only made her dreams a reality but is there to help you achieve yours."

                                                                                               Jason E. Foss
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