Tuesday, December 18, 2018

"The Story Behind Their Story" by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                      JASON E. FOSS

                "Welcome to "A Dreamer's Blog"!  A place where you go to find out 'The Story Behind Their Story".  Interviews with brilliant Authors that share with us where they got their motivation.  Each Author's road to their success just as unique as the next.

               "Stacie Sultre, Author of "While My Soulmate Slumbers" described it better then I ever could have when she said  "What a great way for Authors to reach Readers and share our thoughts about our Books"!"

               "So if you are an Author and you have a book out that you are promoting and you would like to be Interviewed in a way where your reader will get to know "The Story Behind Your Story",  "A Dreamer's Blog" is the perfect place to tell it.  Sometimes it's The Author's personal story that can impact the reader more then the book itself."

                "There is no fee and the Interviews are up usually the same day, two days max."  I'll give each Author a few questions but I always let the Author know that they can take out any question they want to and replace it with their own."

                "Go to Empowered-individuals.blogspot.com.  If you like what you see feel free to message me on Twitter @JasonEFoss2 or text me at 954 743 8670 and we can possibly have your Interview up today!

                Thank you Pamela Ackerson for featuring me on affairedecoeur.com!

                                                                                              Jason E. Foss
                                                                                               954 743 8670





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