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J.G. MacLeod "Lady Ellen: The Adventures of Lady Ellen Montagu" An Interview with J.G. MacLeod by Jason E. Foss

                                                                              J.G.  MACLEOD

              "Every writer is important.  Every story that is told has a purpose.   Great writers have this ability to make you feel some type of emotion for the main character, sometimes with a mere paragraph.  I enjoy getting to know my favorite Authors because they are so good at what they do.  They are so open to share what motivated them to create these amazing books.  J.G. MacLeod is one of these amazing Authors. I am here because there is a story behind the story.  J.G. MacLeod lets us know how Lady Ellen's story began."

                                                                                                                         Jason E. Foss

Jason:                 "What motivated you to write "Lady Ellen: The Adventures of Lady Ellen Montagu"?"


                             "I came up with the concept for Lady Ellen while travelling in Ireland. I was on the quiet island of Inis Mor, walking along a path surrounded by stone walls, horses, a rainbow, passing only one other resident for at least an hour of walking, when I was inspired to craft a story that would take place on that beautiful island. I originally planned to write one book, but when I reached 400 pages and wasn’t finished with the story, a trilogy was born."

Jason:                   "What do you like most about the character Lady Ellen and if there is one thing about Ellen's character that you can relate to what would it be?"


                                 "I like how important family is to the character of Lady Ellen. She values her relationship with her sister a great deal. I can relate to this, as I am also very close to my brother. Additionally, I like how resilient Lady Ellen is. Despite having to leave her home behind for a strange, new setting, she manages to adapt quite well – in part because of the important supporting characters she meets, but also because of her own strength and courage. I can relate to her willingness to grow and try new things. I even tried my hand at gardening this past summer, just like she does when she lives on Inis Mor."

Jason:                      "For those book lovers out there that want to read a powerful book like this one, briefly describe "Lady Ellen: The Adventures of Lady Ellen Montagu"."


                                 "Lady Ellen is both a work of historical fiction and romance. It traces the journey of a young woman living in the Connemara region of Ireland in 1845. She is the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Manchester and lives at the beautiful Kylemore Castle (now an Abbey). Lady Ellen has just been presented in society and soon meets the wealthy and popular son of the Guinness clan, Lord Cormac of Ardilaun, but Lady Ellen’s father has other plans for her. He has promised her to his friend’s son, Mister Aodhan Martin, a rakish man who desires Lady Ellen not for love, but social connections and money. Lady Ellen is given an ultimatum by her father: marry Mister Martin, or face exile to the Aran Islands to live with her aunt. This story describes Lady Ellen’s choices, romantic encounters, and new experiences that enable her to grow as a young woman in a very restrictive time period for the female gender."

 Jason:                        "I really like the way you write. How are you able to write with such emotion and how do you feel you are able to get the reader to feel for the characters?"


                                      "I am an empathic person who cares deeply for people. I work full time as a high school teacher and have always believed that the number one role of a teacher is to form human connections with one’s students, to help them become better individuals and citizens. I believe this philosophy helps me with my own writing, therefore, because I am in tune with how people interact (bearing witness to this dynamic in my classrooms every day) and express themselves, both when happy and when sad or angry. In order to connect my characters with readers, I typically choose to write in first person, but I also attempt to create flawed characters who are relatable. Perfection is not realistic, so I don’t try to pretend that my characters are perfect."

  Jason.                         "For the many readers out there that would like to read this powerful book where can they buy "Lady Ellen: The Adventures of Lady Ellen"?"


                                        "My books are available for purchase in both paperback and Kindle formats. If readers follow this easy link to my author page on Amazon, they will be able to follow me, as well as purchase my titles. The sequel to Lady Ellen, Two Paths, was just released in November and is available for purchase now too. Reviews are always appreciated."



                   "Traveling to Ireland motivated J.G. MacLeod to create a story that will touch you.  Lady Ellen and how her story began jumps out at you in the very first pages.  Witness her journey in a restrictive time period and an unfair ultimatum, as Lady Ellen's story inspires us all.  The power of choice and choosing for ourselves what and who is right for us is still important this very day.  Go to J.G. MacLeod's Links and buy Lady Ellen: The Adventures of Lady Ellen Montagu" and enjoy the start of an amazing Trilogy."

                                                                            Jason E. Foss
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