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Kathleen Jones "Love Is The Punch Line" An Interview with Kathleen Jones by Jason E. Foss

                                                                                  KATHLEEN JONES

            "Everyday we are writing a story of our life.  Trying to figure things out.  Sometimes great writers can help us along the way.  A great story can help us with our own.  I like to find out what motivates great Authors to bring a great story to life.  Kathleen Jones is an Author that does just that.  She was able to share with us where she got her motivation from."

                                                                                                                                    Jason E. Foss

Jason:                          "What motivated you to write "Love Is The Punch Line"?"


                                      "A relationship I had with a boy in middle school inspired me to write this novel.  Virtually every afternoon for three or four months,  he would walk home from school with me, always trying his hardest to make me laugh, creating nicknames for me and devising amusing songs about me, often snatching the little round green leather hat off my head (It was mid-winter) and kicking it across the street like a football.  In other words, this handsome and smart boy used his wonderful gift for humour to flirt with me!  I didn't mind the teasing at all; it was good-natured and he made me laugh."

Jason:                          "Briefly tell us about "Love Is The Punch Line"?"


                                      "Middle-aged stand-up comedian Josh Steinberg, formerly the star of his own popular TV Series, finds himself struggling to keep his career alive, playing seedier and seedier clubs.  Plump, balding, and plain-looking, he has never had much luck with the women.  That is, until Josh meets Holly Brannigan while performing his stand-up act in a comedy club.  Holly, an attractive, intelligent, and divorced 50 year-old businesswoman, becomes instantly smitten with Josh and even finds his unconventional looks wildly sexy."

                                       "The lonely and vulnerable Josh soon falls in love with Holly, even though she's not the statuesque type he usually goes for.  But Josh, terrified of being hurt and discarded by yet another woman, hides his true feelings for Holly by making fun of her in his stand-up act.  And Holly, taking Josh's words to heart, starts to wonder if she means anything to him at all."

Jason:                             "Describe Josh and Holly's attraction toward one another and tell us what you like most about working with those two characters."


                                        "Josh is attracted to Holly's intelligence and kindness; he also likes the fact that she "gets" him.  Holly is attracted to Josh's warmth, sense of humor, and vulnerability.  I enjoyed working with these characters because they were realistic and flawed but also loveable."

Jason:                             "Are you working on another book?  If so, what can you share with us about it?"


                                        "Yes, I am writing a second novel.  It deals with the cruel way the modern corporate world treats its employees."

Jason:                              "What is the easiest way to buy copies of "Love Is The Punch Line"?"


                                         The book is available in both paperback and ebook formats from the following:


Barnes and Noble:


Moonshine Cove Publishing:


            "It's amazing how a great experience with someone from middle-school can motivate Kathleen Jones to create a unique love story.  Finally Josh finds someone that "gets" him.  The best relationships whether present or past it is pretty safe to say that they are usually with someone that "gets" us.  So book lovers that enjoy reading a creative love story go to one of Kathleen's links to buy her new book "Love Is The Punch Line."

                                                                                                   Jason E. Foss
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